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 Thank you for viewing my site. I hope you enjoy it.I started my career as a hair stylist and my creative flair lead me to do the 2 things that gave me the most joy. They are more connected than what you might think. Both gives you a medium to be creative and make people feel good both can leave you with a high. To create and to capture. The love of looking through a lens is something l had done since childhood. l never left the hair world and to this day am still a creative hair stylist, I have been a professional photographer for many years now. I started off with a passion of urban landscapes, I was a real city lover. I still love London. After college l realised my heart was with lighting in a studio and became a very busy still life photographer for many fashion website stores, artists and UK magazines alot comissioned by the BBC Worldwide. Of course l had private wedding work and small modelling jobs. Working 24/7, for years and wanting control back l took a different dicrection.

2010 l went to live in Muskoka in Canada where you will notice many of my images are taken. Muskoka has a special place in my heart.

When l first arrived in Port Carling l was shocked not at the slow pace the no transport, but what freaked a londoner out was where was the starbucks and apple store. Well a very long drive away. Now what would freak me out more is if there ever was to be starbucks or apple store there.  Someone once said to me "your living in gods country now" and after rolling my eyes I soon understood it was indeed gods land. Living there was a gift. The land and creatures are nature at its most basic. Its their place and we are indeed privileged guests to share it. My love of nature the bubble I was in became my life and my passion for photographing it for the years l was there. In the summers which against popular belief are hot and can be humid. Its a party town rich famous flock to these small back country towns. Port Carling, Bala, Gravenhurst, Rosseau, Windermere, Bracebridge, Dorset to name a few. Its always been  like a secret gem of cottage country. A place where whoever you are you can escape, play and relax. When they leave to go home after the leaves take on a warmth and the air a chill, you begin to see the spirt, the love, the hardness, the respect how these small towns, how the people and land survive living together and for each other.

The rest of the work on this site is from road trips and journeys that lead from there. Apart from a vacation to Banff now thats where this whole journey started.


Ive learnt and taken far more back from my life there than l could have ever imagined.


 Please email me with any questions what so ever.  



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