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BIO London Trained International Hair Artist 

Here is a little insight into me and my craft. I will keep  this real and honest for you.

I remember as a small child saying to my nan when asked what I want to do when l grown up. I would reply l wanted a flat in north London,a dog and be a worldwide truck driver. Well l have my dog Barkley. I never became a truck driver, l instead took my nan's advice and went to work and study with a large international hair company. Unlike many hair stylists l never did my dolls hair as a child. In fact I was always into photography that feeling you can project from a still image whether good , happy, sad or bad. It was never about the perfect image for me it was all about the feeling behind it.

I went into hair really because it was cool, hip and l could wear my Mohawk and change the color weekly. I totally got engulfed in the art side of hair. After 2 years of a 3 years apprentice I was training 7 Juniors, doing shows and later got my magazine cover. Hair is not just a knowledge it's a way to created passion. A true art. My style is the UK pivot cutting style but l use a lot of French free hand very natural easy to wear hair mixed in.I also love the French way of Balayage and Ombre being more classic stylish and natural. My Blow dries are influenced from a Mayfair salon and for hair that lasts l can french blow dry as well. 

It was a win win situation to be honest. My clients were happy, had lots of comments and myself got a pride, a high, a passion fueled to create more. Who doesn't like to be told they are good. Hair isn't all about the finished style. It's about putting people at ease, listening, having the confidence to say what will suit and what won't . 

I later went on to be the photographer that was always part of me. Working for a lot of top London magazines.

Today l have a nice balance of the two. I have been blessed to have met some amazing people who have helped grow me along my journey. I always like an adventure, to learn more and to experience more. I look froward to meeting many more new people and friends. Helen Dale is licensed as part of the worldwide federation of hairdressing. Worked in and around London UK. Worked in Muskoka the "Hamptons" of Canada with a strong clientele from up state New York and Toronto.  I own my own salon for 9 years in a busy affluent part of Orlando, Florida. Today l'm back to my own roots but with a drive to do Scotland.I am hair artist, a photographer just for me , I have an e commerce site where l blog about the the health of people and dogs. I heard a podcast the other day that said one of the healthiest tings for our brain is fae to face communication. I thought that is what makes hair dressing so special. The people you meet in your chair .   

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