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Hair... Is an art form, a way to make a person feel better, happy to show someone's style and soul. Hair is individual to every person and every person has their own look and way of wearing a style , a cut , a color. I am a  London Uk trained Hair artist. I am part of the World Wide Federation of Hair Dressers. I have worked and taught for over 25 years in London. l have worked in Muskoka Canada , working on the rich and famous. My style and technique is London with French in the mix. l specialize in color and cutting. My personal style of work is a natural sophisticated look, the hair that looks like you spent a long time on looking the best but with a good cut or blow out with little effort. I am very confident in color and have worked with many color lines throughout my career My color can both be vivid or very natural. My lights are always fresh and bright what ever tone we choose. l love my craft. l was  the owner of a salon in Florida where l had a team of nightly crafted stylists each with their own style and achievements. I have now come back to my roots.


Photography......  We all have images in our hearts in our heads that are special to us, whether good or bad. The most beautiful person you will ever see, or a life slipping away these images you cant share. They are too powerful to even try. They give the ingredients to who we are. These images are not digital or print but engraved within us. The rest are images we see and  photographs we take and shared as emotions that reflex a different feeling to all to feel.

l always saw an  image as a gateway to a soul, a smile, warmth or dislike. Every photo is a documentary of what once caused an emotion in someones eyes. Alot of the photography and video on this site are of relaxing and grounded. Alot are of Muskoka Ontario in Canada where l was lucky to live for nearly 4 years  and surrounding areas such as Algonquin Park,Dorset,Parry Sound, Bracebridge,Huntsville, Gravenhurst,Bala. The rest are of places l've traveled in North America.

 It takes a crazy person in a mixed up world to find peace.


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