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Moose a beautiful beast but can be dangerous.

Alces alces......Moose

When l saw this moose hiding in a bush, yes hiding its surprizingly easy for these beasts to hide. I was driving down highway 60. Of course l got out the car camera in hand and stood and waited. After a while he comes out. At the time l felt only excitment of seeing another one of these weird looking animals. Now looking back at the picture it makes the hairs stand up on my neck lol. Moose are large strong animals. The moose is the largest of the deer family. It stands taller than the largest saddle horse. Its humped look is from incredibly muscled shoulders. Its hoves are more than 18 centimetres long.The average length is 2.4 to 3.2 m and weighs on average 1,396 lbs males and 1052 females. So when you see a moose with its ears back, its head down .The hairs on its neck (aswell as yours) standing up and looking you in the eye. That means back off or 1,396 lbs of muscle is about to charge you. Its a warning but you never know if that moose woke up on the wrong side that morning. So when l now look at this picture of a moose looking me in the eye, ears back,head down l thank god for capturing the image, and of course walking away. Moose are not usually aggressive towards humans, but unpredictable or frightened can lead to aggression. In raw terms they attack more humans than bears and wolves combind, but usually with minor consequences. Still a kick from that is going to hurt like hell. Most moose kill by simply being hit by a car their long legs and heavy top half , crush the top of the car and everything under it, unless you and the moose are very lucky. Moose also might attack when there is a dog around with you . They see them as their natural enemy the wolf. A moose is more than capable of killing a bear a wolf and even grizzlies. To be in their company is to have respect for them.For such an ugly weird looking animal they are somehow truely beautiful.

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