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Life as a hair stylist

From London to Orlando via a little Canadian snow 

I didn’t start out doing hair of Barbie dolls. I didn’t even want to do hair to be honest. I was never a girly girl with princess curls. I grew up to became independent from a troubled background . I was quintessentially a London punk (rocker). Who landed a job where l could keep my spiked hair listen to music and be creative.l was a natural. A natural pain for my manager but after just 2 years of a 3 year apprenticeship l was training 7 juniors some older than l was. I knew then the power of giving someone a chance .To teach is the most important thing any professional can give.Hair was my challenge .l could make people look good make people walk out smiling l could get trust in them trying new ideas. I was creative and most of all got a buzz from it . I look like a bad ass but was infact the quietest stylist your ever meet. 

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