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A series of hair types cutting and styling



I have been meaning to start these blogs, when l got a phone call the other day that was very relevant. l was talking to a lady who needed a stylist to cut her long hair. She was worried and since her last stylist stopped doing hair she has been too scared to trust someone to cut her hair. She wanted to carry on cutting it herself . She said she had too many mistakes and there are some very bad hair stylists around. Of course l told her our training and experience . To be honest l totally understood. l have seen some disasters and many uneven styles. Long hair is so much more than taking a quick 1 inch half inch off the ends. First nearly everyone with longer hair, they only want about an inch off if that.. If you don't get your hair cut often or have chemically treated hair or hair that dries or splits easily chances are you will need a bit more. Once your hair leaves the scalp it is dead. It gets dry and brittle by the environment, by life style, by diet , by heat, by bad products and not enough care. A spilt end will just carry on splitting up the hairs shalt so by not taking these off in the long run you will need more off or it will simply break off.

I suggest a hair cut/trim every 6-8 weeks depending on the hair not every 6-12 months.

I will normally work with my clients giving a tailored in-depth consultation. Hair cuts are always for me a team effort between myself and the clients. Suggesting what is needed to create and what l can do to help keep it as long as possible (if that is required). l will suggest what they can do and products to use to help them keep the required lengths . Sometimes you can carefully slice off the split ends without layers or length being cut. Cutting long hair, the client has to sit straight with legs uncrossed to keep the back straight (as in most hair cuts). As a stylist l get as eye level to the length as possible. l sit on a stall as l find this controls my balance and straightness as well as theirs but some stylists prefer to kneel . For a perfect straight line keep the hair as close to the skin. Check the hair after it has been dried there is nearly always a slight touch up needed for a nice blunt line. Even when the line is cut soft and lighter and a little jagged, it still needs to be even. The best and only way to do this is for the client to stand up . Watch that both legs are straight. This gives a perfect straight even line. Sometimes l cut slightly serrated when this happens and the hair flows naturally down the line is straighter than just cutting a blunt line across when it falls and moves. Layers can add softness and detail and effect especially around the face. With a tailored crafted blending method so not too much hair is lost. Layers can also add fullness and natural flow to the hair. Go with the feel, movement texture and density of the hair as well as face shape. Plus see how the client moves her hair how she naturally will style or run her hands through it. A well cut longer hair style can make a huge difference to the over all look. Like most hair lengths its always nice to have a few blow dry options. Ask the stylists for ideas. Use hot rollers ,velcro rollers and other tools. Ask the best way to tie the hair up with minimal damage. Unless you wear it dead straight a few layers will give movement and curl and a natural free style .Whether you have long beach waves or a stunning up do. Hair is versatile. With length and help you have a lot of options to create amazing looks. Color is so much kinder and better these days with additives we can add to give maximum health and minimum damage beautiful looks.

Care..... l suggest all long hair client to have a specialized treatment to help repair the inner hair and a conditioner to smooth the cuticle promoting shine and health.

The basic products needed are a good natural shampoo, conditioner and treatment.

A leave in light conditioner for combing and adding moisture .

A smoothing lotion or curl enhancer

A protector especially if you use heat . A hair dryer or straightening/curling tool .

Finish with a oil spray or a dry oil spray to give shine and moisture .


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