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Are you living the importance of touch

Updated: May 25

Your dog is a for the moment being .

You take them out they don’t get out their phones or think about what they are doing for the day . They don’t make lists or listen to that negative voice in their head . They are given the opportunity to live life for that moment. They roll in the earth , did you know it’s important for dogs to pick up microbiome form nature, woodlands , forest if they can that helps them with allergies . The soil we walk upon is more important than you could ever think. Both good and bad . Soil has probiotics that gets ingested its natures way . The wolf doesn’t open a supplement it is given the means .

Now sadly this earth in many areas are sprayed with a cocktail of pesticides, waterways are infected with the amount of antibiotic waste products. So a trip into a forest or national park if you can is more beneficial than you think. The microbiome of earth has trees and insects decayed and fed back into the earth. Even we were meant to go back into the earth. to renew it. Nature giving back to nature. It goes onto our dogs paws and some gets digested which naturally balances the microbiome of their gut, and we all know the gut is where it all starts and happens. There are companies making soil with no pesticides, antibiotics and toxic chemicals in it so we can grow better healthier foods or sprinkle it in the garden for our dogs to play in . A good local farm will know the health of their soil. So if you shop local ask.

Outside your dog smells the air, the plants , it tell him whats around , what has been there , it tells them dangers and gives him smells that help them heal smells he needs. If you have been for a good massage, they give you a few oils to smell, you think you pick the smell you like mostly you pick the smell you need. Same with your dogs and cats they smell what they need to.

Your dog watches the world at that moment and is part of his surroundings are you? Do you smell the air the flowers, are touched with the beauty of nature , the breeze or sun on your skin , the colors or shapes , even if you are in a built up area do you look up and watch the clouds form and slowly pass by . The smell of rain as it waters the grass . The crunch of snow beneath your foot no matter what or where with in touch and be touched by the world around you. Sit with your dog, stroke them and watch the sun rise or set or the rain fall. Throw a ball or run a few steps and be in that moment . Or simple walk and enjoy and take in the world around you together. Give touch but take touch in as many different ways .

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