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Whether you are a client who has seen your stylist for years or you are a new client who has put their trust into the first visit. The start and most important part of any hair service is the consultation. Now you can book a free 10-15 mins with us to get an ideal or feeling about what we can do, if you are comfortable with us and we are comfortable doing what you envision. Otherwise always expect a full consultation at the start of any hair service.


As a client always follow your gut. If you don't feel comfortable or understand what the stylist can do or suggests then its your right to ask more questions. Make sure you understand what the stylist is telling you. I for one treat my clients as part to the consultation procedure. We are a team making your hair the best it can be. Photos are fine to get an ideal of what you like. Some stylists like to follow a look straight from the photo. l personally like to make the cut/style up as l work with the hair using any photos just as a basic guide. Its always best to work with the feel, texture, density, naturally movement, porosity and color of the hair. Then we look at face shape. l personally always just have a natural feeling off how the hair will look its best. We also need to take into account how you will style your hair at home. I cut/color hair with the vision on how you will be able to live with it and dry/style it yourself. There are many hair artists who's finished hair looks great when you walk out the door. Then you try to repeat the look and it doesn't work so well. I believe and always have you need to be able to look great when you do your hair, you have to live with it not me so why not have a style that is easy to look great.


Understand how much is being taken off. Just because you want half an inch off and you haven't had a cut for 6 months might not be the best plan.Listen to how much a professional stylist suggests if you have damaged ends. You might think that long hair looks great because its long, but people notice and think wow what healthy fresh looking hair with no damage.

If you have something that doesn't work for you please tell us. You know your hair better than me l have only just met you.


If l think your hair won't do something or go a certain color .l will tell you . l would rather lose you as a client then do something that damages your hair or give you a very high maintenance color (unless of course you want high maintenance )


Please also be aware that color you want from a photo. Might not work. Photos are tweaked , tones are filtered in and out. Different lighting make blondes look massively different. Or the natural hair is darkened to get that very contrasty look, and then of course it could be a very good wig. It might look beautiful in a photo too. In real life it can be bleached within an inch of its life. dry brittle, needing masks and oils. Plus a lot of these toners have consent upkeep.



Be aware of stylist that say l can do that to anything and then 6 hours later you're still not happy. It might take 6 hours, it might cost you extra.A good stylist will let you know in advance.


Questions to be expected to be ask. How do you normally dry your hair? Have you got any color on your hair , how long ago? Was it a professional color? When did you last have it cut? what do you like dislike about your last cut/color? Are you growing your hair? Do you like it to look naturally, business,fun or all of the above? Do you have any allergies? What do you envision your look to be? what products do you use ? Let the stylist shape and get a feel for the hair while talking to you.l only look at photos for an ideal of what you like if lm not sure.

Tell your stylist as much as you can ,you can never tell us too much. The consultation every time is the most important part of a hair service.


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