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Balayage .......a low maintenance longer lasting stunning effect.

Updated: May 25

Natural balayage
Crafted by Helen natural Balayage on dark

Everyone wants balayage and why not its a beautiful natural look. Balayage started in France where it is painted lightly on the hair's surface in sweeping movements. Balayage means the sweeping movement. It isn't just hair painting. Lightening the hair just a few shades. It was crafted to give a sophisticated natural look. That looks like a sun lightened effect given interest and a long lasting color that lasts and needs little maintenance . The darker root allows for a longer time in-between salon visits. Balayage costs more than normal hi lights due to the skill involved but its more cost effective . You can also just have a partial balayage which many people don't realize .

As l said balayage is meant to give a blended natural look. Over the years the way you're sweeping onto the hair is pushed further into the strands some stylist go up the hair strands . Staturating the hair giving a more lighter harsh color. For those people who want the very white look on darker hair. That takes a lot of maintenance it means lifting the hair which will cause some dryness if not some damage even with bond builders. It takes a long time extra money and a toner that has to be up kept . Many pinterest/internet photos are tweaked the lighting is enhanced to bleach out the tone of the hair. Or some have white extensions in it . Also if its the back of someones head(hiding skin tone) the dark hair can actually be light natural hair which lightens more and then the roots colored dark.

The effect is great the look is great, but traditional balayage is quicker softer and less maintenance. Always be aware of what you ask for and the amount of work involved for you and the salon .There are many ways to balayage giving different looks. Wet balayage is excellent for just refreshing the blonde hair or lifting the base a shade to make it seamingly natural. Always have a in-depth consultation with a stylist to get the right looks and advice for your hair.

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