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Bark, Tree Bark

image by Barklifewise

Today l went to a new place to stock up on oysters and mussels for Barkley . I got a snow crab, corn, boil, while it was cooking. l went next door to a food truck to get a drink. At the bottom of the list of natural juices was tree bark. Of course l ordered that, love a new experience . While drinking the surprisingly tasty drink l wanted to find out more.

I have a love of what the earth gives us.

Trees give us by a process called photosynthesis the oxygen we need to breath.

We don't necessarily think of bark, tree bark for other health benefits.

This is a drink from boiled tree bark from the Caribbean . The health benefits are reduces cholesterol, good for arthritis, when mixed with coconut milk it may lower blood pressure according to various studies. The one l had was fermented Mavi with spices. If you let it sit long enough it tastes like a sweet beer. No lm not suggesting you give it to your dog but there are other tree barks that are very beneficial to both them and you.

People have been using tree bark for ages all around the world. Some can make you have out of mind experiences like the drink Ayahuasca that is used to treat depression, addictions and PTSD. This dream like state out of mind experience, gives powerful childhood memories. a hallucinogenic experience leaving you peaceful and happy, It can make you sick disorientated and uncomfortable too. Does it work lm not to say some say better than some antidepressants they give out today. It can of course be dangerous too . These spiritual rituals are highly suggested with a guild of experienced shamans . Shamans will know what medications it can mix with in the body and give people a safe place . Definitely not for dogs and lm not suggesting you take a trip to an Amazon rain forest to find out .

It was 1660's that England and Denmark heard about the use of Cinchona bark. Quinine is an extract form this bark and this became a treatment of malaria. The cinchona bark was the start of homeopathy when Samuel Hahnemann took larger doses for 2 weeks after learning it reduced fevers. He felt malaria like symptoms and homeopathy like cures like was born.

Willow bark alterative to aspirin . Salicin occurring in willow bark is similar to aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) Salicin has a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving .This natural aspirin like medication has been used since Hippocrates. There are no serious adverse effects and damage to gastrointestinal mucosa . Unlike the synthetic drug we use today. It's still a powerful chemical that has to be used in moderation and preferable under a holistic doctor. It is safe to use on dogs not cats. only use under veterinary supervision.

Some trees that are poisonous to dogs these include the Chinaberry, horse chestnut and Japanese yew.

Some trees poisonous to humans (and dogs) the Manchineel (the worlds most poisonous tree) of South America and the Caribbean.

The Suicide Tree Indian and Southern Asia

The Bunya Tree. This tree was around when dinosaurs walked the earth. Its mainly in Queenstown Australia . Its deadly due to the extremely large cones that fall from it weighing 40 lbs. Don't want to be walking your dog under that falling .

Conium Maculatum(Hemlock) and the Sandbox Tree

Some of the benifical ones are

Pine Bark both human and dogs this amazing bark extract fights inflammation, arthritis ,hip dysplasia effects of aging .Its a known antioxidant . It protects cells from free radicals . It is a anti-inflammatory and antioxidant it supports a healthy heart .It reduces blood clots. It helps wound healing ,Alzheimer ,ADHD, improves athletic performances. It has little or no known side effects .You can get it as a herbal supplement for both dogs and humans.

Slippery elm bark powder. This one l always have in my cupboard. It is my go to whenever Barkley has had bad stomach or diarrhea. It has a smoothing action which can also be used on the skin. It's astringent. It can be used internally and externally. Its good to ease sore throats. It can be used as a herbal brew that has been promoted as cancer-fighting.

They call it natures Pepto-Bismol.

Slippery Elm has a mucilage content .This content lubricates and smooths the throat and also the digestive track . Making it an excellent treatment for IBS, colitis, ulcers and GI illness. It also is a great inflammatory for conditions including the joints, lungs and kidney. Most dogs suffer from loose bowel movements at some time ( it also helps when they /we can't go too) Dogs eat many things which can upset them, or stress or change of diet/protein . I withheld food for 8 hrs. Feed boiled chicken and give slippery elm and this works fast every time.

It has many nutrients . It can be made into a paste for burns, rashes and Native Americans use it to stop bleeding on fresh wounds.

It has no main side effects . It can stop the absorption of minerals and medicines so give a couple of hours before or after. This is cheap and saved in a lot in vet charges for upset tummies. A major tool in my health tool box for myself and my dog.

It is good for GERD acid reflux . For years Barkley would look like he brought something up in his mouth and swallow it straight back down. The vets didn't pay much attention saying it was a shar pei thing. A large hospital when he did it there said it was a Barkleyism if he had always had it ( not a lot ) its just him. I listened to Karen Becker talk about GERD once and thought he could have excess stomach acid (GERD is excess or not enough).

I gave him a small pinch of slippery elm for 2- 3 weeks he stopped doing it, and has been great since even though l stopped giving it daily.

Remember look after yourself, your pets and the trees.

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