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Blueberries have your heart , the superfood we can all enjoy

Updated: May 25

Blueberries are one of earth's superfoods . They grow as highbush berry and a lowbush wild berry. The wild berries being smaller and richer in antioxidants. They give us fiber, vitamin c , vitamin k and manganese . They are an antioxidant being in the polyphenol family called flavonoids.

Flavonoids are anti cancer protecting DNA damage, antioxidant , anti inflammatory and antiviral. With cardiovascular protection and neuroprotective .

Flavonoids also help the body warn off toxins . They protect the liver from toxins. Blueberries aren't the only foods high in flavonoids but they are a very useful little fruit. Being one of the highest with antioxidants of all fruits and vegetables.

The flavonoids in blueberries one important group are called anthocyanins . This they get from their rich blue pigments. Anthocyanians boost the immune system fight inflammation, diabetes , cancer and viral infections.

In herbal medicine anthocyanins can be helpful in many health conditions inc Alzheimer's, fatty liver, high cholesterol , high blood pressure, stokes, UTI and eye diseases.

Just a handful of blueberries a day strengthens your cognitive health and cardiovascular health.

Blueberries have Anthocyanins which are a form of poly phenols which are plant based compounds responsible for improving heart vascular and blood flow. In 2021 the effects of anthocyanins ( rich berries blueberries, cranberry, bilberries and blackcurrants) when taken regularly they improve blood lipids and reduce inflammation.

Studies have shown that wild blueberry powder for 12 weeks reduced systolic blood pressure and improves blood vessel function .

In fact many years ago l saw a top cardiologist for a heart issue. Thankfully they found nothing wrong but he told be if you want to protect your heart eat blueberries everyday , and that was many years ago now.

According to animal studies blueberries can have a positive effect on areas of your brain essential for intelligence.

A study inover 16000 humans found blueberries and strawberries delayed mental aging by 2.5 years .

Dogs can eat blueberries and many like them . I normally just crush them a little only as Barkley won't eat them whole . Just a few , no more than 10 for a big dog , depending on the size of dog. Blue berries do have high sugar so you don't want to over do it . I even mix a few into any jerky l might make for him or homemade dog biscuits.

We can eat them many ways. l wouldn't eat too much blueberry pie or jams though if you're doing it for health , but smoothies, on salads, over oatmeal, on cereal or just a handful as a healthy snack .

Blueberries being a soft skin fruit try to buy organic and local often have a better taste. You can pick your own or pick wild if your lucky to be near some. You can get frozen or even powdered.

If you can't buy organic make sure you wash them really well . You can just soak in a little fresh water and baking soda . The alkalinity of the baking soda neutralizes many common acidic pesticides. Just soak for 10-15 mins and rinse a couple of times . They taste just as good ( well better than all that toxic pesticides on them) just remember to rinse the baking soda off. Been there done that lol.

This is even more important with dogs one you don't want to feed them baking soda blueberries and 2 importantly as they are smaller than us and with added pesticides they get toxic overload quicker than we do. Plus all the good you're doing eating blueberries you're undoing eating pesticides. So make sure you wash them well.

Go enjoy and share some blueberries ❤️

If unsure always check with a dog nutritionist or holistic vet before feeding your dog new foods and start slowly. Dogs are the same as us and could be allergic to anything.

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