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Chi Seeds

Chi seeds are one of my favorite things in my cupboard. They are both great additions for you and your dog.

Who would have thought the seeds of those ceramic pets that sprouted grass as hair would become a super food almost 25 years later.

They have a long list of benefits not just their nutritional value.

They lower cholesterol

Improve gut health

Help reduce appetite

Help reduce weight

Lower triglycerides

Help with lowering blood sugar in type 2 diabetes.

They contain antioxidants one being Quercetin. This can reduce your risk of several health conditions including heart disease. Quercetin is know for being anti cancer and amazing with allergies. (quercetin is known as natures benardryl).

The fiber also helps lower high blood pressure reducing the risk of heart disease.

They were a food source around 3500 BC in Mexico and Guatemala. The seeds being offered to Aztec Gods in religious ceremonies. They are made up of Polyunsaturated fat (omega3), fiber, protien, calcium, phosphorus and zinc.They contain all 9 essential amino acids.

Dogs only need a few about 1/4 teaspoon for every 10lb of body weight. I normally freeze some raw goats milk into ice cube sizes with some chi seeds in it, that l left to soften up over night. It is best to serve chi seeds already soaked as they swell with moisture but you don't have to.

You can bake, sprinkle on foods, make deserts, put in drinks and add to stews . There are many ways to eat them.

Like everything don't over do it. Too many chi seeds can cause gas or loose stools.

The Native American tribe in the hills of northwest Mexico would run, As soon as they could walk they would start running. Often going 100 miles in flat sandals with leather ties. They became famous when they started competing doing a few marathons and ultra marathons in their sandals and the bare foot runners/ running shoes became a thing.

This tribe called the Tarahumara some of the best long distance runners in the world, would drink and take some with them a drink called Iskiate . Which is water and chi seeds sometimes with honey or lime this was used for stamina and hydration in the long distances and hot Mexican sun. . I have done a few marathons in the past and have also drunk Iskiate which l believe does make a big difference.

Chi seeds are rich in omega3 which helps reduce inflammation. Its good for the skin, immune system and brain function. They also help joints improving mobility and reducing pain .They are a huge benefit to digestion . They are high in fiber which keeps a dogs and humans digestive track working smoothly.

They are great for bones . With more calcium than milk. When combined with phosphorus these minerals help bone development and bone maintenance.

Try some Chi Seeds just start of small...

image frozen goat milk and chi seeds Barklifewisellc

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