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Coping without a professional how to make your hair stylist rich.(covid lock down post)

First of all l hope you are all well and staying safe.

I realize most of you are stuck at home ( those of you that aren't stuck at home thank you for whatever service you are doing and if you aren't doing a service go home and stay there).

Your hair starts to look a mess . Its heavy not sitting right, its harder for you to get the style right and if you do it won't stay long. You look and those ends you have tried to keep so healthy with consent trims and they are starting to look split, dry, chewed you might even have breakage . Yes l know don't even start on those roots coming through.

l really would suggest just leaving it , put down the scissors , put down the box dye. Turn off that You Tube . Its so tempting right , what can go wrong. My stylist is very good, they can just correct it. Easy. Well not so much .

A bad/ uneven cut we can even up, yeah no problem easy but you might end up having lots more cut then you wanted. A whole different look sometimes.

If you don't mind that yes we can help and fix it.

Throw that box color away .

If you're lucky its a quick fix. If you're not (and l've seen a lot in my time) It could cost you the color you want, the health of your hair and cost you $300 plus in color correction services and many hours . We can do it most of the time and if we can't a good stylist will say so ,but it's far from easy. A lot of different things we have to take into account. like the strength of your hair. The condition of it after. If you color your hair too dark. We can't lighten it with another tint. Tint won't lighten tint. We sometimes have to use a color reducer and then color over that. Sometimes we can lighten with a bleach/ hi light. If you color your hair dark or too warm and you want a nice cool hi light to lighten it. That also becomes a problem if its too dark it will lift a warm blonde sometimes even a warm caramel . (which can look lovely but not a silver blonde that 80% of people want.) yes there are toners and bond repair but these things are not miracle workers they might not always work .

So throw that box color away .

Please remember that it didn't start out our problem so whatever we try you still have to pay for. We will do strand tests and be honest with you. A professional hair stylist will. Expect to pay for knowledge apart from this knowledge its free it says please wait it out.

I have been doing hair for many many years and l know some of you won't listen so if you do here are a few tips.

Root retouch ...

Try to buy a bowl and brush you can control where it goes better.

Wear gloves

Don't overlap the color because color on top of color goes darker. You will end up with a dark band in your hair.

Do not go darker.

Try to buy a semi permanent not a permanent

If lightening the hair ( l really hope your not) then don't get scared and take it of too early your be brassy.

Don't listen to anyone who isn't a professional stylists, the person selling you that color doesn't always know.

This isn't a time to try a new color look.

Do a skin test first , you really don't want to end up in a hospital with a face blown up with allergies.

When taking the color off. First add a little water and rub the color on the skin .Tint will take tint off the skin . Otherwise you might still need that hat after all.

Tips on cutting

Look at the split ends while it is dry

Use the smallest sharpest scissors in the house

You can't cut the length at the back so trust someone else ( scary thought yes) cut it in a few sections and only the smallest bit off you can. The last few snips point the scissors slightly down angle this will stop you cutting one side shorter. You can put your head upside down and cut the ends . Be warned l have seen some bad mistakes with this and the famous thing putting it in a pony tail and cutting it . Please don't do it. Turn off You Tube now.

You might be tempted to cut the bangs


If you cut when wet, hair dries shorter or hair lines lift it shorter so be careful.

Cut the hair as is. Not between your fingers. Please be careful not to poke your eye out or cut your eye lashes (yes it does happen lol)

If you do cut it between your fingers do not pull the hair at all. It will be uneven.

Cut with a slight curve if you try to cut straight across it will end up probably shorter at the sides.

If you really want to help your hair and purse.


Buy some caring professional products,

Wear your hair up or buy a cap /hat to go out in for the roots or see if you can buy a temporary root color (a temporary color will not have 2 parts to mix only one part)

Split ends and preventing split ends

Use a treatment once a week, use conditioner and oils and serums on the ends to stop them getting dryer and more broken. If money is a problem use coconut oil or natural oils .Be careful if you have thin hair these might be too heavy. Also be careful any yellow oils could tone white hair/hilights yellow.

Don't bring out the hot irons or curling tongs to make them look better. You are causing more harm . Never use these without a heat protector either.

Eat healthy try to be more calm this also helps your hair.

If you're just at home don't blow dry it leave it to dry and add a little product. Any kind of heat will dry your ends more.

Tip on hair becoming heavy losing style .

Sometimes for volume a little back combing helps.

Product helps.

See if you can get some velcro rollers on line, use on dry hair only ( otherwise you might end up tangled) heat with a hair dryer quickly and leave in to cool. Take out spray and style .

Sometimes braiding your hair gives it a bend. When you take the braids out shake your hair. Comb through with your hands and style.

Stay safe . Use this time to care for your hair, and care for you too

Any questions please just post on the face book page .

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