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Diet and hair loss.

The body can't survive without the proper vitamins and minerals. It needs nutrients and so does the hair . There are many reasons someone might start getting thin brittle hair or even balding and l shall cover those in another blog, for now let's talk diet.

Nutrients help create new hair strands and healthy hair. Nutrient deficiency can increase the risk of loss of hair.

Scientists have found a low level of certain nutrients were showing in people with hair loss. The nutrients were VitD, Iron, Protein, Biotin Fatty acids, Vit B3, Zinc and selenium. A balanced diet is good for the whole of you including your hair. The best way to get these is by eating the right foods. The body is built to absorb these nutrients from fresh foods rather then supplements, which sometimes can be synthetic and not necessary that good for you, plus not all supplements are create equal, you could just be wasting money. So be careful and eat natural as much as you can.

Vit D we can get from the the sun, supplements and food . Most people take a supplement and that's probably the best and easiest way. Even if you live in a sunny place, the clothes you wear stop the absorption of it through the skin , and that short walk or bbq in the garden won't give you enough. VitD is a very important vitamin that everyone should get enough of. You can test for Vitamin D .

Foods inc cod liver oil , trout, salmon, mushrooms , some mushrooms are exposed to uv light which increases vitamin D amount. Some food such as milk, soy, almond milk, oat milk and ready to eat cereal are fortified with vitamin D , sardines, egg liver,beef chicken and cheese all have a small amount.

Iron - red meats the redder the better, offal, fish, shellfish, eggs, poultry, nuts, dried fruits, oats,tofu, wholemeal pasta/breads, legumes and dark leafy vegetables

Biotin- eggs, milk, liver(Beef), bananas, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, salmon, pork, walnuts and sweet potatoes are some of the highness amounts of foods containing Biotin

Protein - foods made from meat, poultry, seafood as well as beans, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds

Zinc- oysters, shellfish, meat,seeds, nuts, eggs, whole grains, dark chocolate and dairy are amongst the foods high in Zinc

Selenium - Brazil nuts, nuts, shellfish, Turkey, chicken, beef and pork, broccoli,spinach,green peas, and potatoes


Mushrooms,greenpeas, potatoes, liver, chicken, tuna, salmon, beef, pork, anchovies, peanuts,

avocados, brown rice and whole wheat .

Fatty acids-oily fish (Especially the skins) salmon, chia seeds,walnuts, seaweed, hempseeds, flaxseed and leafy vegetables.

The FDA approved minoxidil (Rogaine) for over the counter hair loss in men and women . It helps thicken the follicles and promotes growth. There are a few other treatments. If you want to go the natural way first .

A study in 2017 suggests eating more protein, essential oils like rosemary oil applied to the scalp has seen some very good results. Along with other helpful oils jojoba, lavender, peppermint ,tea tree, grapefruit peel oil, coffee oil and camellia tea oil.

Pumpkin seed oil is rich in nutrients and a study in 2021 found 40% increase in hair density treated over 24 weeks . Researchers observed an increase of regrowing hair .

Retinol- it's named the anti ageing holy grail. It's a Vitamin A derivative. It's use in many skin care products as it helps renew skin cells . It also improves scalp condition .

Retinol -liver, mackerel ,salmon, tuna, some cheeses, clams, oysters, milk ,sweet potatoes, kale, turnips, carrots, spinach ,as well as nuts, seeds and fruit .

Lastly my favorite resveratrol . This is being studied as a medical treatment for many diseases , it is know for its reduction of aging in humans ( and dogs and probably many other animals). Resveratrol has the potential to slow down the onset of age which would slow down the progression of hair loss. An Oxford journal study in 2023 shows links between resveratrol and improving cardiometobolic health. It noted a potential to improve endothelial function. Endothelial function can reduces blood flow which to the hair follicle will lead to its ability to continue to grow.

Resveratrol supplements can have some side effects in some situations so consult a doctor. Especially if you take contraceptives, are pregnant or have cardiac conditions .

Some fo

ods with resveratrol red wine, dark chocolate, blueberries, red grapes, nuts, peanut butter and the root of Japanese knotweed.

Stay healthy and look great

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