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Do you no longer want dull hi lights.Want fresh bright healthy summer lighter hair ... read this

Updated: May 25

l  have had a few new clients in lately who have said help My hair never looks bright and fresh even when its just been done. The reason for this is often toners. Now sometimes you need a toner. Sometimes you might want to kill some warmth or neutralize the color . Sometimes you want a gray or silver or vivid or simply a tone you can't get naturally and that's great and done properly these look gorgeous . If you want some golden blonde in with your lightest strands l would use a golden tint alternate or 2-1  with a bleach no need to kill the lightest strands with toning it after.

 Some hair stylists lift to tone on everyone nothing wrong with that, but you will lose the fresh brightness of the hair if not done correctly  Sometimes the toners are left on too long , too dark . A gloss to this often helps. l will always lift the hair to the color l want and only tone when and if  l need to. Why do people tone , they have learnt that way, they work that way or its a nice little add on service at the end.  The other reason it might look dull is because they didn't leave it long enough or picked the wrong color choose.Maybe the hair is dry and needs a conditioning treatment or a good cut. If you come to me with 3 inches of split ends and say my hair never has shine or looks healthy you know what lm going to say right.....

Start this summer with some  blonde. This is a great time to have a lightening service. Gone are the days of just normal hi lights all the same thickness. With little dimension. I like to mix my hi lights up using different sizes or slices different techniques or adding some foliage ( balayage in foil) into the service a little hand panting. A little add on wet balayage to lift the hair between foils.The list of different mixes effects is never ending. Shadow root is a great look and gives you extra time between visits.

Don't have the time for up keep or 3 hrs to sit in a salon then have some sophisticated lights around the face. Get a very natural wet balayage or ombre' that is quick less expensive and has a beautiful effect.

Whether its lavender, purple  vivid, baby lights, ombre' a full head, some accent  pieces or a whole lot of effects and techniques available to us. This is the best time for stylists to be creative and achieve the best looks whatever that dream hair might be.

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