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Dogs trending googles

Updated: May 25

When l first got my canine buddy l was not someone who thought dogs needed clothes .

Until l got a puppy pic from the breeder of him in a little hoodie. After that he loves dressing up .

He won't wear shoes and hats won't stay on but everything else is a fashion statement he loves . I find myself now trying to train him to wear googles. I originally brought them for allergies but he wasn't a fan . Now he is blind just seeing maybe some lights . I wouldn't use the dark shades as he needs to see as much as possible and if he had pressure problems l would leave them .

So do dogs need googles?. There are some eye issues that are helped by googles protecting the eyes from the suns UV rays. Hunting dogs , some police dogs and service dogs wear googles to protect from UV rays, wind, grass seeds, bushes and trees they might run through. The Dogs riding on bikes, sidecars ,surfing and boating and dealing with snow glare they are great protection.

Most dogs probably don't need googles. I decided to give them another chance as he loves to walk up against bushes etc and the more l pull him away the more he walks against the bush ( did l mention he is stubborn lol) . Being blind he could easily get something in his eye. Or a scratched eye so a clear lens ( that is UV protect ) and for eye protection we shall try again . At the moment it's his stubbornness vs my patience lol but a few minutes a day and as long as he's comfortable,hopefully he be trending some googles soon .

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