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Exercise and Hair

Yes for those of you that put exercise off till tomorrow could be making amongst other things suffer, your hair.

What does a little heart pumping exercise do.

It makes you sweat, this is amazing for your body, your skin and your hair. When you sweat from the scalp, the hair follicles become unclogged . Like when your sweat from your skin it helps remove toxins and waste giving us a fresh radiant skin. The unclogged follicles gives space for new hair growth.

Exercise gives us improved blood flow .It pumps your heart faster and the blood flow increases to your muscles, organs, brain, skin and hair. With the hair, the increased blood feeds the follicle with more nutrients and more oxygen. Providing nourishment and promoting healthy hair growth. Although diet and stress levels play a huge part. the blood feeding the hair and detoxing the hair/scalp with exercise plays a very important part of hair health.

If you're not use to exercise start small , a brisk walk , movement throughout the day, a local class or a few minutes online. Try something that you get enjoyment from. small habits and build these up over time. Push yourself a little bit more over time, that alone gives you great achievement . Exercising produces serotonin levels in your body. Seratonin is the happy hormone. Higher levels of serotonin can help with stress. It can reduce cortisone that hormone that makes us tired, not sleep , anxious, over weight, depressed, it effect the whole body and our hair in a negative way. So get a little natural happiness inside you. You will eat, sleep, live and exercise better.

One small habit could lead you to feeling happier, healthier and looking great with healthier hair.

Another tip when you're in the shower or not give your scalp a massage, l massage all my clients scalp for a few minutes. This too improves the blood flow that feeds the hair follicle . Or treat yourself to a massage, never feel bad about self improvement and love.

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