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Fake hair or not

Happy new year.


So it's a couple of weeks into the new year and most of those new years resolutions have gone to the road side. This year I didn't even make one and now l've been thrown into a health kick. After doing a half marathon with no training l realized what a great way to start a year and I'm back on track.

Now when l say fake hair l know you're all thinking bleached within an inch of its life.Or hair with weaves. I am in fact talking of hair that looks great, shiny in great condition but really it isn't. Ever had that hair that when you shampoo it it feels like a brillo pad until you put on your products.

l am talking products with plastics and unnatural ingredients in.

Your hair is part of your body what you put in will show. A healthy head of hair needs a healthy mind. A healthy body, great nutrition and natural products, (not necessary organic . Not all organic products are all organic some might be only 10% or only one ingredient.)


Everything comes from within hair, nails, skin and mindfulness.


Not only does your hair and nails show when you're


 ill and on medication/drugs by thinning or giving you a bad hair days and drying out and its the last place to recover too.

 A single hair can show what drugs you're on. If you're an alcoholic it shows what spirit you drink.

If you're a drug addict . A urine test will tell what drugs you use in the last several days your hair can tell what drugs you used in the last 3 months. It shows what vitamins and minerals you have and

what is lacking. What nutrients you have and are lacking.


So for that shinny healthy hair you need to start within . A healthy body, a healthy mind and good nutrition. After that don't ruin it with products that act like fillers or coat the hair. Use products that help build repair and replace within the hair. Ask your stylist about Olaplaex and Wellaplex that keep the hair is great condition building bonds while using chemical treatments.

 Like the body what you put inside hair is far more important than some of the damage you can put on top of it.

Wising you all a healthy, happy and lots of great days days 2019

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