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Fancy a slice (of invisible layer)

Slicing the hair has been a hair cutting technique used for many many years. I remember slicing the hair when l was doing my first hair cuts many moons ago lol.

It's a method that can be applied by the use of the 2 blades just slightly cutting down the hair, or the blade or razor slicing down the hair . Today lm mostly talking about just the scissor slicing.

It has been made popular over the years by a way of cutting very curly hair, or giving an effect of invisible layers. You can add as much or as little as you desire perfectly blended.

It's a very usefull technique to have in your tool box as a hair artist and one l use a lot .

It is often used to frame the face with light natural layers just softening the hair. It's perfect for blending short into long .It can be used on layered haircuts for bulk removal or one length cuts and no one knows .

Another use for this technique is to remove bulk from thick hair or curly hair. Often from the underneath .

It can give texture to hair of any lengths . Helping to create waves movement , body and blending

Slicing the hair can give a hair style very natural looking layers which are light and free moving. Unlike the traditional layer which can create body from the top inwards. Invisible layers can create body from the underneath out. It's more unregimented then normal layers giving it that soft movement and style. Specially tailored for your unique hair.

Even just slicing through your bangs can give a pretty light look .

If your worried about adding some layers but really like the idea then next time you book just ask your stylist for a little invisible layering . You can have the effect of the movement and body layers can give you without anyone knowing. You can have that very smooth shinny bob without the worry of drying those layered ends under, because the layers are hidden underneath. Many of the celebrities and royals have this type of natural layer. It's a very popular and extremely versatile.

 I love choppy layers there will always be a place for those, but imagine a beautiful natural hi light or balayage with a natural bouncy, voluminous looks. Add a gloss and turn heads this summer...

 Invisible layers can remove weight ( bulk) create the right amount of movement and can be used to add wispiness or remove weight. A good stylist will know the correct amount and placement to get the desired look.

Can be used on fine hair to create volume

Can be used on thicker hair to create unwanted bulk and weight.

It's an effect l have used for many years or many different hair types and styles. I'm so happy it's now a treading technique.

We as stylists are here to listen and create that dream hair ......

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