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Fighting the bad guys

Updated: May 25

My dog was the reason l developed a passion in what the universe gives us . He has some issues which raw feeding and healthy living has helped amazingly. l found out he has PRA this is the inherited gene that is degenerative of his eye site. At this time nothing can be done. He will eventually within a year go blind. It’s heart braking and a learning curve to us both .

To me the interesting and little ray of hope comes from his orphologist suggesting a rang of amino acids, vitamins and power foods like green tea, grape seed extract ( do not feed grape seeds ) omega 3 , vitamin C,E ,ginger, natural antioxidants ...... that help us fight the free radicals and the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants which cause oxidative stress .

Giving this they believe slows down the disease , as with many diseases canine and human . Research is limited but it has a positive vibe . He does already have immunity, antioxidant supplements that help fight free radicals and oxidative stress .

There are certain ones for healthy eyes.

You know the old saying eating carrots help you see in the dark well that’s the beta carotene a precursor to vitamin A that helps the eyes adjust to the dark. Now these antioxidants won’t stop the disease and may only help for a month , 6 months ? There isn’t enough research but they help and help the body in many other ways fighting against many other issues . Maybe we too should think about the effects free radicals have on our body and look for ways to be more balanced and healthy

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