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Giving great treats

We hear so many people telling us what we should feed our dogs. The most well balance and diverse real foods are best, with the least high heat process . Some feed canned, dry kibble, some processed raw, some home cooked and some raw.

We supplement ( always try to buy natural not laboratory made supplements for yourself and your dogs ) for issues that arise, or add to the food we choose to give. Giving supplements for heart, allergies, joints, diseases , skin, growing and aging and more. We spend a fortune making sure they are happy and healthy and comfortable. Giving supplements that cost a lot and giving poor foods do not help. They don't help us, our dogs or our money. It's like us buying the best natural vitamins and supplements and eating fast food. It doesn't make it right. Same with our dogs, if you buy supplements for say inflammation and feed a dry kibble with lots of carbs in it you're sadly not helping much.

It's the same with treats. We give them the best we can, make sure they get some form of real foods if it is only a little its something. We buy omega 3s, and other supplements only to buy treats that contain too much salt, too many preservatives. High heat processed . What is wrong with high heat processed or over processed? It leaves the food with no nutrients, everything is cooked out. Then because of this it has laboratory made vitamins added back in. Then fats sprayed onto them to make them taste nice These fast or high heat cooked fats over time go rancid. The food/treats are stored too long in a hot warehouse, on a van, in transport and in a kitchen or garage for a while. The food/treats last but the fats go rancid, making microbugs and then your pets are sick. The pancreas of a dog finds it very hard to deal with cooked and processed fats. If it has more than 3 ingredients forget it and if you can't say them or never heard of them forget it . Most of the treats l buy just has one or two ingredients .

Treats are expensive atm and having a supply chain issue too. Buy some meat or organ, even fruit and veggies and dehydrate them. You can have double the amount you get in the stores for less money and much healthier . Buy some mussels, black or green or smelt dehydrate them into powerful little treats. Your dog will love it .

I try to keep carbs low and feed fat for energy (healthy and not too much). Although Barkley does good on a little carbs l noticed . He gets inflammation easy due to his breed so l used organic flours .. normally coconut flour, some coconut flakes, one or two free range , pasture raised eggs, banana, blueberries, a red pepper, some sprouts, ginger or turmeric , apple , spinach, cranberries . You could add in fish some hemp hearts, pumpkin anything that is a real food you have around and make/bake a wonderful treat for your dogs .

If you dehydrate the machines are cheap . Get one that does 160 and lower . l dehydrate all meats and fish at 160 so l know it's safe. Most air fryers have this option too. Low heat over a longer time doesn't cost too much in usage either.

We also could grab something fresh and real and unprocessed, instead of candy, cookies and cakes. For us humans have a bag of nuts unsalted almonds, pecans, walnuts any kind of tree nuts to snack on. They say eating nuts can add years to your life. Just one handful a day. People reach an older age a healthier older age eating nuts daily then those who don't. They are fatty but a healthy fat. The New England Journal of Medicine published in it's new study.

Dogs can eat certain nuts and they have benefits, not all some are very bad for dogs and only in moderation and chopped up. Nuts can be too fatty for dogs in higher quantities .

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