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Henry VIII and Health

Updated: May 25

Not a sentence you might think of putting together . Although back then if you were lucky enough to be able to eat , you and your dogs ate organic and probably a lot more organ meats . Grass fed meats and no processed foods or kibble . I'm sure the kings beloved pets had a good diet . King Henry had both working dogs and domestic dogs . The greyhound being a favorite of his . Often seen in Tudor times engraved along with a dragon on a coat of arms .

That's not where lm going with this though, HenryVIII built many palaces and made many rules , even a religion .

Henry was a huge fan of herbal medicine. He understood the poor and village folk could use this to heal themselves when more modern medicine was beyond their reach. He knew they could get and grow the herbs with ease . He wrote a charter that stated everyone being the kings subject has the lawful right with knowledge and experience can practice this form of healthcare in the UK or any land ruled by the king . This charter even today has protected the use of herbs as medicine. Anyone with training like in the past and now with a qualification has the right to be a herbalist.

The king had a lot of health issues. He was a huge man an ulcered leg from a javelin accident amongst other things . He had many doctors and a special medicine cabinet. He used a lot of natural herbs . Medicine wasn't as good back then and he use herbs consistently.

He believed everyone should have the right to treat themselves with herbs, roots and plants.

Although he never invented herbalism he set in law the people of England could learn and treat each other.

Just like humans . Dogs are successfuly treated with herbs, roots plants today . Some are harmless others are strong and should always be advised by a professionally herbalist

Herbs for health human and dog

first . Don't discard what the earth gives us because it's centuries old and not Morden medicine . It's natural and can work just as well if not better .



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