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How to get that salon looking blow dry

Updated: May 25

Let me first start with some very basic hair education. Your hair has an outer layer of which is called the cuticle. This is a layer of transparent, scale like single layer of overlapping scales.

When these scales lay flat against each other they reflex light which produces a smooth shinny look to the hair. When these scales are damaged or blown the wrong way. Not to lay flat the hair doesn't reflex light so well and can look dry not shinny sometimes almost straw like.

So how do we get these to lay flat and give a smooth young looking glossy head of hair.

One is age, chemicals, healthy diet, healthy products, healthy life and a little of what your born with. Products help a lot , which l will talk about later but the other is the importance of how you dry your hair.

If you have curly hair and leave it too dry naturally or with a diffuser then a little product before and after helps and give you defined curls with a natural shine.

If you are blow drying your hair its very important how you hold the dryer. The direction of the air will be your helper or your enemy .

First put on your product whether it be to help straighten or give volume or hold your curl.

Then dry most of the wet out of your hair the important part of a blow dry is when its damp, if your tired or bored by the time its damp your give up on the important part.

Also direct the air flow away from your scalp down the hair shaft this dries the cuticle (scales) down flat giving you the best naturally shine . Blow dry that air straight on the hair or blowing it towards the scalp will give you that dry hay look.

For volume you need to dry the hair the opposite direction to which it falls.

Turn your head upside down remember to point that dryer down.

Or sitting normal using your paddle brush or fingers and dry your hair up away from your shoulders .This gets rid of a lot of the water and puts air into it creating volume.

The dryer normally comes with a nozzle . Now for 10 years of my creative life as a stylist l never used it. It was a gimmick, something that slows the process down.

In fact it has a very important purpose.

The nozzle directs the air into a line of air which controls and flatters those cuticles to give you the best effect it can. Once you use the nozzle you can't live without it. l can't now. ( don't use on naturally curly effects. A wider hair flow is better)

When its almost dry take sections for more volume start at the top yes the top. If you start at the bottom the warm hair you lay over it will flatten it.

For curl, wave, even a poker smooth you need two things heat and cold. The heat transforms the hair into shape the cold sets it.

So starting at top blow dry the section with a vent or round brush depending on effect. Make sure its fully dry and you get the ends dry , with air flow pointed away from scalp. Very softly get brush out and without straightening/pulling it clip it back up , work down the head like this .You might need to just dry the very top section again at the very end if it was laying against damp hair. The next day too get lift back into your hair blast it with the dryer upside down or put your hand through it lifting it in the opposite direction. Get some air back into it. Then with your fingers place it how you like it. For bangs that separate put a little teasing in them and just smooth over. Your find that often does the trick.

For straight poker hair start at bottom no need to worry about drying those roots in the opposite direction . Keep air pointed down from scalp and using a large round brush or flat paddle brush fully dry the hair.

When using any kind of irons either curl or straightening irons always always use a heat protector. Those things are hot very hot your know this if you have ever been burnt by one. Protect your hair you go through all that trouble and expense to get it looking just right, Keep it healthy. I hope that helps a little. Next time l will discuss products.

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