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How to make the most of your salon visits

We want you to enjoy and have the best salon experience you can. We will ask your hair history.

Let your stylist know your hair problems, what chemical services you had on your hair even if it was a long while ago.

Any medication or allergies you might have.

When wanting a new style be realistic on what the picture you show and what your hair is like and how much work it will take you to achieve this.

It's great to have a new look and we love to give you something fresh and different.

We don't need pictures in fact l feel pictures are not always a good idea. No hair stylist will ever do the same look exactly the same. They all have their own unique style of working.

If you haven't found the right look but want a change. Its good to have an idea of what you like even the smallest detail we can work on to create the look that looks the best and works with your hair and lifestyle, face shape and personal color tones.

Good services take time be prepared. Enjoy your time with us.

A little change is good for everyone, maybe a few hi lights a little color or different bangs.

Sometimes just a product added to your hair inhances an amazing style, or gives you a choice of styles. Let your stylist know what products you use and what you feel works and doesn't for you.

We offer free consultations without having the service done as do most salons. Take advantage of this. Try to call ahead or book online the time for this so you don't have to wait. Don't worry if you don't know the right hair terms of what you want . A good stylist will know what your wanting and mean. We are use to it, we will never do anything unless we fully understand you and you us.

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