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Ikigai your dog has it you

Updated: May 25

Ikigai is the Japanese term for a life's purpose. It's the way people live and work on what they can give to the world living and doing what they are passionate about. long term happiness and health.

What does your dog do that you should, only they do it naturally where most of us don't. They wake up and stretch. Mine is in a stretch while he is half off this bed . He is getting himself warmed up ready for whatever lays ahead the start of his waking being is being able to be ready . Most of us wake up reach for the phone get out of bed and make a coffee. Only when lm on a walk or half way through the day do l think blow it l forgot the stretch again .

Your dog knows how to stretch his muscles and joints . He doesn't watch a YouTube on line videos on how too . We have forgotten . It's important to move your arms above your head reach up high and bend down low. Move the full movement of what we where born to do for a reason . If you don't use it you will slowly lose it. The foods, life and environment nowadays can cause us and our dogs problems so getting a free tool in our tool box is a great start. A morning stretch or stretch after any period of non movement helps contract muscles gets blood flowing heart pumping, the blood flows through your veins through your heart .It stretches out your back making it straighter and less stiff . Your mind has more blood so you are more alert and your movement is smoother not so stiff. Wake up, get up and stretch . Stretching keeps you young

You can try a little dog yoga , or some Tai Chi together outside in the air if you can although that's not always an option . For your dog walk him on different textures grounds. over hills and tree roots, up and down stairs through tunnels .That is both good for your muscles as well as theirs.

The other reason your dog is a natural at Ikigai is they are born with their purpose . They have a few added on, one is to please and play with you, Or maybe bark at the neighbors dog , stiff the air and natural smells, meet new friends and old. Deep down in their roots they have a job , a certain breed just knows what to do their job . Some are better than others but from the day they come into this world till the day they die they know their purpose is to do that job if of course we let them . They can protect, guard, heard, help, find,sporting, heal, smell the list is amazing and long. We have made some jobs up like therapy dogs, drug dogs, police army dogs, rescue dogs, all of which they love . Dogs just love to have jobs no what how small . Maybe even find a toy or do a few tricks. A dog likes to have a job and if its one that's a little like what they are born to do they are a happy buddy . If they had disposable thumbs god help us . We would be out of work. Joking aside if you buy a certain breed or even a mix breed find what they like to do . Gun dogs love to chase a ball or and swim. Dogs that use their noses love to go play find, they are like us individuals, their own soul, so find what they like let them work they don't retire and become old they know a secret to life is to always move, even if they sleep all day make sure they get time outside walking, sniffing and looking around and do what makes them feel fulfilled . We know what makes us happy it's our job to trust and act on it so it stops being a job and becomes a life purpose .

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