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Indian Head Massage

To carry on with my blogs on how you can naturally improve the health of your hair and scalp.

Ayurveda Indian Head Massage is an amazing treatment that helps you on so many levels. Ayurveda has influenced many medical disciplines including Traditional Chinese, Tibetan, Western and Traditional Thai.

The history is said that 52 sacred men who came from different parts of Indian left their homes and villages and went to the Himalayas. Here they dedicated their lives to study and mediation. They looked at disease, spiritual and living in harmony , while examining the root causes for disease and how they can prevent that. This became know as the Vedic philosophy. Which was verbalized through scared scripts before they where written around 1700-1100 B.C.E. Ayurveda opposed to western points of view takes the mind body and spirt as a whole. Habits, lifestyle, mindset , emotions are all looked at as part of the diagnostic of a problem .The focus is on treating the lifestyle rather than the illness. Ayurveda looks at creating a natural order of habits that include. Sleeping hours, regular activities such as yoga, meditation or breathing exercises, Massage, sauna and types of detoxification techniques as well as diet of course.

The Indian Head Massage balances the mind, body and sprit. Blood circulation and energy .

There are many health and stress reasons to have an Indian Head Massage. A few are it activates return circulation, increases oxygen and blood flow. Improves circulation which improves hair growth and stronger hair. Relaxes muscles and improves muscle elasticity, with the skin it increases flexibility and texture. Eliminating dead cells . It helps detox and aid in the elimination of toxins and waste products. It helps increase joint mobility and flexibility in the neck, It improves Lymphatic flow . It can help in freeing Knots of muscular tension. It is very beneficial to the hair root and relaxes you. Getting rid of stress which can cause gut issues ,which can put a lot of stress of your whole body and inflammation. I have recently done a course on this head massage and l will bring it into my services to serve as a method of help with better hair growth and well being . Both invigorating and calming methods can and will be used.

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