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It’s just there if you only look.

Updated: May 25

We learn a lot about the living things we share our planet with.

That is if we want to. Most of us are too busy .

Dogs live in the moment .You take them out they use all the senses to enjoy, and learn the world around them. They smell the air . They look and watch, Feel , my dog always likes to walk right up to a bush and have the touch of leaves stroke against him . They listen to what is going on . All that in the moment, they experience the now , something we have lost. That is why it's important to let them sniff and look and listen to what stimulates them on their walks .

Next time you walk your dog /pets, children , people or just by yourself. Be aware of what is making this moment real. Your sense will bring you into the now, it gives you balance and calm . A sense can make you smile but if you were too busy living in the past or future that sense, that experience might have gone unnoticed.

Your dogs or who ever you are with , want to share that moment in time with you. You became bonded and at one .

I myself needed reminding how important that is . Todays walk with EarPods in, and thinking about everything other than where l was.

I saw someone watching the water. There it was an otter, I haven't seen one for many months .

This cool Florida sunday which every living thing seamed to be enjoying,walking,biking,running and sniffing. This little guy had stopped for brunch while he was playing and swimming around.

My dog sat and patiently waited for me to enjoy the otter. After many years my dog knows l like to stop and take photos.

I was thankful l saw a wild animal l love so much.

When you see an otter sometimes you smile and laugh at it playfulness , it shows , reminds us , its symbolic of this playful nature ,one that reminds us to enjoy life and find pleasure in simple things.

They are adaptable and flexible. They thrive on land and in water.

Reminding us to be flexible sometimes go with the flow and adapt to different situation which help us grow.

Otters are very social animals living in groups . They represent the importance of maintaining connections, nurturing and friendships . A sense of community, one of life's researched pillars of living long and healthy.

They are also resourceful and intelligence, often known for their cleverness and problem solving. We are reminded to use our own resourcefulness and intelligence to seek solutions to challenges.

Even on a subconscious level that little otter holds something dear to you, why did you see him. Or other experiences .What does he/they bring to you? Only you and the universe knows that .

I took my EarPods off closed my audio book for l was reminded of something that my book couldn't teach me and became part of that moment for the rest of my walk.

Sometimes who are the clever ones, us trying to get back to what animals still do instinctively . Live life for that moment .

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