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It’s that time again the ends are looking and feeling a little rough. Your Hair is feeling heavy, it’s lost it’s fresh bouncy look. Time to make that trip to you hair salon. You might wonder shall l go a bit shorter. Is this the time to try that new style l have been looking at.

Your hair is the first thing most people notice. It tells people a lot about you. How you wear it . Is it modern or dated? Are you modern or dated ? that isn’t an age thing either. Do you wear it causal, light bouncy. In a few different styles? Is it sharp tailored, official. Is it kept healthy? Do you love the color? Do you love your hair? I ask because if you love your hair you wear it with confidence, you know it looks great and feels like it matches you perfectly. Have you ever look in the mirror and thought man l look good even if your clothes are a mess. That’s your smile your confidence your inner health and peace and your hair. When you say lm never really happy but it’s ok . It’s because your hair isn’t matching with your style or personality. When you see a style in a magazine and say l want that. It’s because it’s working with that person. It’s showing their personality showing there fun or serious side . It matches their colors . Are you like that person it in picture will that hair match you perfectly too. This is what you need to ask yourself because if it doesn’t it either won’t work or look as good . Now sometimes it can look better. Try something new think about who you are and who you want to project . Get that perfect hair in both color and feel. Hair is always a working canvas . Your skin changes color throughout the year .Your age. Your style changes, your job, attitude all change. Your hair changes too. Or at least it should to reflect this. There’s a lot to think about when you book that next trim .

Be advised, be you,

be happy and hold that head up high so others see that one thing that’s say you.

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