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Making your color last longer

We can't stop your hair growing and why would we. We can't stop the sun shinning and why would we. We can help you to make that color last longer.

Always make sure your salon uses a top ,well known color product, one that doesn't dry the hair and has knowledge and high standing within the hair dressing world. We use Wella its kind to the hair and scalp. Color that is shinny, fresh and lasting. Wella has a support background and always evolving products.

Once you have the color on your hair, either prior damage, sun, environmental and heat/texture tools can fade your color.


First, most importantly use a good professional, color safe shampoo.

Always use a professional color safe conditioner you might only need this on middle lengths and ends. For hair with prior damage or dry hair use of serums, protecters and treatments help restore the hair . When hair is porous due to damage of any kind that is the ability to absorb anything you put into the hair. Which means either color will grab and last a long time or fade very quickly. There is no way to know which way this will go. Just treat your hair to treatments, protectors and professional products to make it as healthy as possible. The use of heat protectors when drying, using heating tools like curling irons and straighteners make a huge difference on the condition of your hair


In strong sun try wearing a hat or using a hair product that includes a sun screen.

Ways to color your hair to make it last longer

When coloring gray hair don't chose a color too dark as this will show the roots quicker. When lightening hi lights can blend with your roots and you don't get such a solid root line. To blend a full head color put a few hi lights through the top to help blend the roots more this will give you a few more weeks before you need it done again.


Certain ways of hi lighting / low lighting can last longer your find ombré, balayage and specialty coloring can last a lot longer between visits, remember too get those ends trim every 4-6 weeks.


There are products to hide a root between hair services. Use these with caution, a waxy pencil to temporally cover will leave a waxy coating giving the hair a barrier. This can mean your tint might not take so well . Waxy pencil cover ups must be washed completely out before professional color can be added. There are sprays and powders and creams to help cover gray between salon visits. These are all just a limited color range they could be too dark too warm too cool and used a lot can leave a build up which could change your overall color when its done professionally . The best way to just cover up is between color services come in for just a t section of hi lights or tint.This is the front hair line, hair parting and crown. This will be cheaper quicker and give you a few more weeks. This is only suggested to do once between your color services as the roots all over the head get too long to give a repeat smooth color every time .


There are also shampoos that have colors added these are very mild but a violet shampoo will brighten up blonde hair thats goes a little warm/ golden with the environment. Brown, reds, coppers in a shampoo will not cover roots but can add a little vibrancy and tone to refresh your color.

We are happy to chat online or in person to any color questions you have. We understand your needs and give a full free consultation

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