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Mixing it up

I've always loved and been interested in when two styles or techniques combine into one style. The bob is a very versatile style with many ways to make it just for you. Length, angle, softness, texture, the ways to recreate different styles within one style is very easy low maintenance hair .Talk to us at Cavallo hair designers and let us work with you as a team to personalize your hair . Last year and into this year the bixie cut is very trendy . This is a style that's half bob half pixie. You get the length from the bob with texture and movement with the heavily layered almost shaggy look had a curtain bang or some long 70s soft bangs anything is customizable ,

anyone can wear this kind of style . A blend of carefully placed angles with flatteringly easy to wear layers and a custom length bob. This is a fun hair cut which is low maintenance, textured and chic it's versatile and full. A perfect spring summer look.

 You can mix the color of your hair up too What ever style you have .With a soft natural balayage with some bolder sections framing the face. Or maybe some baby lights ( a highlighting technique that uses very fine strands to give a child's like summer natural look hi light) with some bold slices of fun colors mixed in . Or maybe throw in a few permed waves for added texture and definition.

To create possibilities is a rewarding and customizable part of the trade. Enjoy and have a little fun this spring/summer.

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