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More than Argan oil

Now don't get me wrong l love argan oil. Many years ago l went to Morocco . Where a street seller with a shop a magical den full of herbs and oils and lotions . Put some magical oil on my sunburnt shoulders and instantly l felt much better. My love for argan oil carried on from that day onwards. It wasn't really well known back then . It was used in face cream, skin lotions and some cooking . It's an amazing oil treating the inside ,the hair and the skin for many different reasons. Argan oil the pure oil is one of the earth's gifts too us . The branded shampoos, oils, conditioner sometimes take the name sake of this now famous oil from Morocco. When the amount of Argan oil is often very minimal.

All the argan oil from Morocco, some money is given back to the women who grow and harvest it. Paying for local schools etc . That's very cool .

Argan oil will always be my personal go to, but there are many other oils that are excellent for your hair and scalp and skin .

Coconut oil ... this is good on medium to thick hair. l find it can be a little heavy on thinner hair strands, or make sure you only use a little or use it as a pre wash oil. Coconut oil is good for moisturizing and repair... coconut oil has Lauric acid . This has the ability to help repair the hair from inside the hair shaft. Buy a good quality oil always .

There has been studies that show coconut oil helps reduce the protein lost in the hair through chemical processes.

Avocado oil.... Avocado is a great source of vitamin E this helps to prevent hair breakage and repairs damaged hair. Avocado oil is often an ingredient in many home made hair masks also like so many oils good for the scalp , face and skin .

Macadamia nut .... A very useful oil for dry hair, a great oil to help that damage from heat . It is a very rich oil ,helps with frizz and repair.

 These are just a few examples ..... maybe l pick a few to write more in detail about. What nature gives us really interests me .

Often oils you can use a little on dry hair or wet hair and work through . Ayurvedic practices often use oils as a pre wash . Massaging oils into the hair and scalp these can be left over night . Getting the right oils for you can be both moisturizing and repairing for your hair and good for the scalp and hair growth. The oils can also be beneficial to you, calming , balancing and relaxing. Finding the right oils for your hair and yourself normally will be what you are most attracted to. The oil smell we most need will benefit us the most. This use of different oils can leave your hair shinny, elimate frizz, hydrated and helps with thinning and hair loss.

There are many oils that can benefit you , your scalp and hair. Try just a little at a time in case of any allergies. These include coconut, jojoba, macadamia, sesame, argan ,baobab ( helps elasticity and has a non greasy shine), grapeseed, sweet almond , for helping with hair growth rosemary, lavender,peppermint and tea tree are a few that you can use. There have been studies where rosemary oil was found very effective in increasing new hair growth and thickness of hair as effective as minoxidil ( rogaine).

Look to nature, some of these have worked for many thousands of years. They are often mixed with other ingredients and branded and costs a lot more money. For a less amount of quality oil.

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