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Roar of the lion

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Mushrooms 🍄

These magical living fungi . Where almost put on this earth to help us with many medical issues. Many mushrooms are huge at helping and preventing certain cancers. Each one has their own gift.

Lion’s Mane this mushrooms looks like it's name a large puffed up shaggy white textured mushroom. They are native to North America, Europe and Asia. Known also as Hou tou gu or Yamabushitake.

Lion‘s Mane have been used in food and medical uses in China, India ,Japan and Korea for many years.

You and your dog can eat them raw, cooked, dried or as a tea. Alone or part of a mixture of dried mushroom supplements.( watch for any allergies start of small)

They have a almost crab like taste One of the most researched benefits of Lion’s Mane is it could help protect and benefit against dementia and Alzheimer's.

Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane contain 2 compounds that can stimulate the growth of cells in the brain these are Hericenones and Erinacines .

Animal studies in mice have shown Lion’s Mane to reduce symptoms of memory loss and prevent neuronal damage caused by amyloid beta plaque. This plaque is what accumulates in the brain during Alzheimers.

There are no such studies done on humans as yet to see the benefits of Lion’s Mane for Alzheimer's . It does appear to boost mental functioning.

A Japanese study on 50-80 year old humans . Men and women over a 16 week period. 2 groups one taking Lion’s Mane the other not. The group taking Lion‘s Mane had a higher score on cognitive functioning on test done throughout the study than those who didn't take the Lion’s Mane. Once the study was finished and 4 weeks later the cognitive function declined . The effects where not permanent but helpful while taking the Lion’s Mane.

A study in Italy by the Department of Preventive Medicine. On people suffering from obesity with mood disorders . Noted after 8 weeks of daily ingested Lion’s Mane . Decressed depression anxiety and sleep disorders.

Lion’s Mane regulates mood and has a history of being used as a treatment for anxiety and depression. It has been studied to improve health and growth of nerves within the hippocampus . Unlike drugs that alter neurotransmitters Lion’s Mane helps with nerve growth. Another study noted it appears to prevent neuronal death of cells after seizures.

Further studies on mice show Lion’s Mane mycelium can regulate pathways in the brain to induce antidepressant effects.

The nervous system is the brain and spinal cord and nerves traveling thourghout the body. Research found Lion‘s Mane may help speed up recovery . Both with growth and repair . In rats recovery time to the nervous system was 23-41 % faster. It helps with inflammation and reduces the amount size of stroke related brain injury.

It also helps our and our dogs second brain. That being the digest tract. A healthy gut influences a healthy mind and Lions Mane helps the mental health with helping support the gut. It also helps with ulcers.

Research has also found Lion’s Mane mushrooms improve metabolism and lower triglycerides levels . Which helps with better weight control and better heart health.

It has been found to oxidize cholesterol molecules . These molecules attach to the wall of arteries, which harden and increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Along with helping manage blood sugar control and like many medicine mushrooms, may help fight cancer.

As we age and seeing how Alzheimer’s, cancers, depression, heart disease and more are increasing Lion’s Mane might be worth looking at . Be a welcome additive to our diets our dogs diets or supplements.

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