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Rocky Mountain Oysters dehydrated

Updated: May 25

I thought l would add these to Barkley’s food and treats . The interesting thing about these are they are not oysters at all but testes from a bull calf. These are goat’s balls but you can use most animals. They are organ meats so only 5 % of the daily organ allowance feeding along with 5% liver . As treats l give a few extra and watch for loose stools. Being organ meat they are rich of vitamins and minerals and protein, high in B vitamins especially B12 . Also good for zinc, potassium amongst others. Why are they called rocky mountain oysters ?

Many farmers, cowboys, men in north west America and Canada eat these fried , cooked as fries, glazed or stewed . They were created by ranchers in the Rocky Mountains who needed inexpensive sources of food. They found them to be delicious. They are said to have zero effect on human hormone balance. The ancient Romans believed eating these would remedy ailments and were considered an aphrodisiac. Some say natures viagra. There is even a Rocky Mountain oyster festival. My dog seams to enjoy these new dehydrated treats . Plus an extra variety in his food. Remember variety is always important to our dogs and ourselves in the foods we eat.

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