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Study on allergies and feeding

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

It’s no surprise the country who produces the world most processed dog ( and cat) food is America. With most being made and sold by giant candy companies ( Mars being one of these) So l looked at studies further away. At the university of Helsinki a study carried out in 2021 leader of the research group DogRisk Anna Hielm-Bjorkman of veterinary medicine …

The relationship between allergies and atopy related skin symptoms. 4022 puppies were studied and again in adulthood . The puppies that were fed green tripe, raw organ, meat and human left overs showed significantly less allergy and atopy related skin symptoms. The puppies fed mostly dry food , fruits, heat dried animal parts had significantly more allergies and skin problems. The study also shows the diets of puppies that had at least 20% of their diet as raw feed and no more than 80% dry food significantly decreased prevalence of allergy and atopy skin problems. So they found even only 20% of their food was fresh food it helped significantly .

Setting these puppies up with healthy guts and less inflammation. Gave them a healthy start to adulthood and probably less stress and worry and expenses to the owners. It’s the same with small children too. Start them off with healthy guts. Even in dog (and people)in adulthood adding fresh real food to a processed diet . Is known to help immunity, inflammation, protection from cancers, detoxing of toxins and cellular aging. Boost enzymes, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. As well as making it more interesting who wants to eat the same thing, texture often taste every single meal.

Add to a diet for yourself and dogs some pre, probiotics.

Add some healthy steamed or chopped or pulped vegetables and herbs .

Add some meat choices or fish, eggs are awesome and dogs love them.

Oils and healthy fats,

Give yourself and your dogs a huge variety . l ate an apple everyday and give my dog a carrot doesn't work change it up. Always try new things .

Add goats milk (fermented for dogs raw if possible)

Blueberries, banana, strawberries, blackberries amongst over fruits

Start small a spoon or two .

Personally l wouldn't buy the packets of fresh food toppers . Who knows which companies are trying to make money out of the new research and peoples choice to feed a real food diet. If you notice a lot of the naming has changed on processed foods making you think they are better and healthier. Also it will be cheaper to give your dog whatever you are eating that will benefit them (make sure you don't feed any foods that dogs can't have). Maybe you will be like me and introduce some super food to your dogs diet only to think well maybe l should be having that too.

I remember once when fast food places never gave you a fresh option , now you can buy salads, fruits and other fresh foods. They realized the need to offer them . That's were we are now with dogs and other pets. We are learning its not only ok but beneficial to them. Back in the day they got table scraps, back in the day our table scraps were most likely organic local produce grown in better soil as that's all we had.

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