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Such a small heartbreak

First l apologize for the not so cute puppy pic . My Dog and thousands of other dogs and humans get Mitral Valve disease. Its a chronic degenerative disease. They say about one in ten dogs get (10%) heart disease and 75-80% of heart disease is mitral value disease. It mostly happens in smaller dogs which some breeds getting more than others . My dog is 50lb and not necessarily a breed that suffers from this. He isn't on meds yet and has stayed the same for 2 years so l do all l can and pray like many others do. Studying and researching the best for our dogs and ourselves and the importance of eating to help the body. The heart has 4 chambers and 4 valves . The mitral valve between the left atrium and left ventricle causes this problem.

This valve can begin to wear out, the leaflets open let the blood flow oneway and close stopping that flow . When they wear they stop closing properly and start to let the blood leak over time with blood flowing backwards. This gets worse as the disease gets worse. Blood settles in the lungs and or stomach . The heart has to work harder and eventually enlarges and MVD in time leads to congestive heart failure . With the heart putting pressure on its surroundings, as it grows and gets weaker. Some/most dogs will get a cough as blood flows into the lungs. The time frame of this differs and can be controlled with medications over time. Many dogs can often die of something naturally very different before this gets too bad. Others it can be more sudden .The first sign is a mummer . Not all mummers are heart disease or MVD . Its a very good idea to get these checked asap and by a proper cardiologist.

How do they get this , They don't always know and can be from a few different reasons. As l say some certain breeds get this polygenetic


There are lots of supplements that can help. Diet changes and even medication can be very beneficial but doesnt fix it.

Even an operation started in Japan and now a few European countries wont fix it. Although can lead to a successfull repair for more added years of a heart that may/often go back to normal size and a normal life often med free.

I was in a zoom with others watching a seminar in Japan about MVD and operating on it last night .It was very fascinating . Look up Mighty hearts MVD community and Jasmine clinic (Japan) who have a very high success rate of repair also in London UK the Royal Veterinary College.

They showed what this valve looked like. Today l was cutting up some bison heart to add to his dinner and came across this valve. With the cords attached sometimes these cords can suddenly break causing more problems. I thought wow that tiny thing causes

so much trouble (and it was a bison one so probably larger)

This little flap causes so much heartbreak for many people and dogs worldwide. As l feed raw ( which l must say isn't the cause of grain free heart disease in MVD that disease is DCM something completely different and being studied as to why it happens with many believing/ studying its not enough taurine in certain processed foods. Taurine you can supplement and its something that you can't over supplement so make sure the food you give has taurine in it ). I started feeding like with like so heart meat helps heart, lung helps lung and so on .So this little flap of skin was a welcome addition to his food today.

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