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Summer the time for beauty, fun, and head turning easy hair. Taking your tone into nature.

Looking in nature for tones to enhance the hair

This summer there's a trend for a little shimmer, still gloss and glazes are lending the fashion in major world cities. We are looking at people edging away from whites and gray/ sliver tones and bringing a golden honey tone through. You can either mix it up with adding some gold tones or wheat, a ginger hazel, golden brunette , light caramel , toffee, strawberry blondes. To list just a few .Merged into your sliver balayages. Mushroom brunette is a stunning popular tone.

Or for full on tones.

Think a brunette with wheat brown balayage. Mix some gloss into the look and your ready for a very pretty healthy summer hair that will last and you don't have to worry about.

Making the most of your time and money to enjoy a sun, sand, good food, good people ..summer. This summer is about embracing the summer, getting the look getting out there and enjoying life, we all need that right now .

Another trend which is a stunning look and a little fun is lightening the tips/ends of your hair . Blending the lightness of the ends to your base color . This can be done in a natural way with a few shades difference or a more contrasting look for a more statement effect.

When we hi light for example a nice golden blonde we can gradually make the color lighter towards the ends either solid or creative free hand strands .Giving that beach , sun fun look.

Styles are 90s volume with glistening shine for that evening cocktail with friends .The shaggy mullet is a popular mainstream style individually crafted for your features. Still mixing the creative looks together with a never ending tool box of talent and techniques.

The bob is still huge with many jaw lined blunt cut chops. One length is the way to go this summer . Or a longer lob . Who doesn't love a bob you can dress them up or be real casual. Have that clean simple cut .Sometimes less is more. A well loved worn cut with some summer color that will turn heads .

Long hair is healthy, natural glossy. Low maintenance layers . Soft waves that you can causally tie up in a hair knot .

With all the beautiful tones of color any age , hair type can have a hair summer upgrade this summer .

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