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A Guide to Moving Internationally with a Dog: Part 1 - From Florida to England UK

Updated: May 25

I can only say what happened to my dog size and breed.

I found it hard to find how this worked online so l thought l would blog while going through it.

Firstly its always hard to put your beloved pet on a plane. l think if l was to do this again. l would look into the Queen Mary 2. The only cruise ship to have kennels for cats and dogs..... You have to book ahead many months even years as spaces are limited, but people do cancel and spaces became avalible. Pricewise if you get a good price for yourself it can actually work out cheaper. My dog was quoted at $1000. The cruise they had or the soonest was January the 3rd , and although l was very tempted. l decided my dog would probably cope one day in a crate better than 6-7 days in a kennal . Plus that time of year would make it a very cold crossing to take him on walks each day outside on the selected deck.

My dog is a snub nosed dog.. A shar pei so not on every airline list like pugs and bulldogs seam to be. Still very limited in airlines that will fly them. luckly British Airways do fly snub nosed breeds you have to have a 10% bigger crate and they have experience in flying dogs.

I am a raw feeder have been for 7years . For this short time l have gone freeze dried raw. It's working out. To keep my dog and his system not in shock of new foods . I kept as close as l could . Also you think l put his things in my hand luggage. A case later . It's very important to give him items that are familiar. Smells he is use to. It's a big change as blankets, toys even bed that he knows will help a lot.

My dog is also blind and a b2 mitral valve dog. A check up with his cardilogist said he was fine to fly. The blindness worries me , I think he will sleep and he isnt a high energy/nervous dog. l just hope they talk to him and tell him whats going on .

Getting use to the crate... buy one early on. You might have to send it back for a bigger one . l did. The thing is huge, lm not sure how lm meant to carry it. It's not easy even without a dog in it..

I threw a few treats in and he stepped in. Stretched as far in without stepping his back feet in. He finally did but although he wasnt scared of it he never saw it as a safe "cave ".

Once l started closing the door he would relax even lay down but would only retrieve his treats once l was safely out the way.

l decided not to push it to much l didnt want him getting scared. Plus he is a stubborn breed and it would turn more into a fight of rights.

So now l have this huge crate set up and was ready for step two . Seeing how much this might cost and what do l do next. I did get a 3 year non mercury rabies shot for him . I decided 3 years would work best incase we decided to drive to Europe later on. lm not a fan on too many shots and the 3 year is the same as the one year only tested for 3 years. Its all about the label.

If you have ever emailed the petdesk for British Airways your know its a slow process. In the end l called with an estimate of $1850 . He is a 46lb dogs with a 10% bigger crate ( thats a must for a snub nosed dog) . They finally emailed back with $1750.

I learnt it gets confusing . Once you send the photo of your dog in and next to the crate (like the photo of a dog drawn against the crate for sizing .(try that with a blind stubborn dog) .

They approve that and you get a form to fill out . Somehow you put the dates you want to fly but dont book your ticket incase ... l also asked how much notice to give can l give a few days . Answer no more then 6 weeks but anytime before 6 weeks . Appartently a week was too soon. I got the email on the way to the vets for his certificate to fly. Had to cancel that as the certificate must be no older than 10days before you fly .We had to wait another 2 weeks for a space on a flight. A hotel room a blind dog and a huge crate later. l thought great least l have a crate.

My dog thought got this l can map this room out within a day and be really good . She can forget the crate for now, and he did ...... We got ready ... A date time and wait for the process of fitting a timely puzzle piece by piece .................. to be continued.

dog in travel crate

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