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The 3 Ps produce, protect and product

This weeks blog is about doing the most for your hair. It doesn't matter how much money you spend you need to have the 3 Ps to get the best from your hair.


To produce and grow healthy hair comes from within. A healthy life style, exercise, a good stress management and a healthy diet. One that has the right vitamins and minerals. Organic free of artificial colors and flavors. Drink enough water. Well balanced diet is good for your body, your mind and your hair.Think balance and Harmony .


In this day and age it is hard to live somewhere with clear fresh air. Pollutions are everywhere . Water has good and bad mixed into it. AC and central heating are both bad for your skin and hair. Any kind of heat . Finally the sun will dry and make your hair faded and brittle.

Hair treatments work from within the hair shaft helping to protect it getting to dry building moisture and condition into the hair. Olayplex and Wellaplex help rebuild the bonds in the hair while coloring. Making the hair stronger and healthier. When you swim in chlorinated water wear a cap or use a shampoo to strip the chlorine out (make sure you use a treatment after these shampoos they strip good and bad out of your hair). When using hair dryers or curling iron and straighters always use a heat protector. One that protects to the same as the heat of your hair tools. Otherwise they are pointless. Also when in direct sun wear a hat, it will protect your color, your hair and scalp.


You nearly always need a good product to make the hair shine, stay in place, have texture, have volume ,reduce volume any thing you need there is a product to make your hair life easier. The best hair stylists would suffer if they didn't have the right products to help them.The most important being the shampoo you use. Make sure with all products they are made for your hair type, they do what you require them to do. You pay for what you get within reason. Make sure they are free from plastics and salt and added ingredients that act as a coating but do no help to the health of your hair.

If you have the 3 Ps you will always have the best looking and easiest hair. Please contact me for any other advice or come talk to the Cavallo tribe of hair artists for advice.

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