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This is a popular hair cut for 2023. It's based on a little retro and who doesn't love a little retro. Remember the 90's what do you mean you're too young. Ok or at least lm sure you seen the photo of the girl watching boy bands. Maybe the Backstreet Boys on a tv. That doesn't have too many channels. While outside someone rollerblades past with frosted tips , wearing a Fanny pack and playing a Nintendo.

Anyway back to the girl sat watching tv, while waiting for her turn to spin the bottle .

On her feet are square toed block heel ankle boots and on her head. Well a perfect hair style that is soft and flattering . The layers normally start around chin level and cut, curved round to the ends. Heavily layered yet lightweight and free at the front framing the face. While the rest just flows and becomes longer as they reach the bottom. A hair cut that is the perfect head swishing hair movement. It is the quintessential haircut for length, fullness and movement. The short layers cascading into the length make the hair look longer, it's a playful, fun and sexy feeling cut. It's about the flow and smoothness . No choppy harsh lines. It's the natural easy style that looks great from the minute you wake up till the minute you go to bed . Ok in reality that might not happen to me , but stay with me on this.

The 2023 twist is you don't have to spend every night watching friends . Yes the

"RACHEL" is back and how we have missed her.

I'm not sure l like the name. I mean who names these. We went from the wolf ( which l wanted just because l liked the name ) to the jellyfish,butterfly, octopus , the duck billed platypus ( which l thought l made up but it is the name of a 5 strand hair braid lol) and the c cut . Sounds like you're wrongly asking for a bra size.. anyway back to the "Rachel 2nd"

You will see a lot around this year . Come by for your "Rachel 23" no ok the Ccut ( which is named because it's cut like a C ) fusion it up with some 2023 color and a glaze or gloss and your ready to rollerblade off into the summer.

You wanted a picture of the c cut , just think about it for a few seconds and the internet will magicially give you some now that's something we couldn't do back then .

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