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Updated: May 25

Barkley's bone broth cookies

Bone broth l normally cook in a crock pot for 24 hrs this time l had to leave it half way so l cool it  after 12 hrs put it in the fridge took the fat off which hardens when cold and put it back on to cook another 12 hrs. This made it more fat free.  I carefully took some meat of the marrow bones and a little veg and froze that. I later added some bone broth , an egg, the meat some red peppers and organic buckwheat and coconut flour and made some dog cookies. Which smelled like a delicious meat stew . My dog love them . I will freeze them along with the ice trays of bone broth.

Bone broth is such a special treat and option for bone health and joints . This was human and dog safe . It’s a go too if you’re ill. In need of nourishing nutrients. The ingredients in bone broth are supportive to your digestive health and skin . It has gelatin and amino acid glycine . These help with inflammation in the gut as they protect from LPS (lipopolysaccharide) that get released in the gut. This along with glutamine which bone broth contains helps protect the gut from leaky gut and heals the gut .

Glycine when you take bone broth helps support collagen production which helps the skin, keeping young looking and elasticity and hydrated.

It’s said to boost your hydration, increases energy and contains many important minerals . These minerals are super nutrients and play a critical role in heart health muscle contraction, sleep and the nervous system.

The sodium and potassium in bone broth  are important electrolytes. These keep the body working efficiently to absorb water.

It’s not a new fad. It dates back to prehistoric times when animal bones, knuckles  joints were made into a broth to drink by hunter gatherers.

For a dog medium size about 2 oz , small a once and large up to 4 . Start of small and don’t give too much in case of diarrhea the same probably can be said of us humans too .

You can make bone broth with just bones, joints .Or add in vegetables and herbs . Shrimp shells and lobster shells ( making sure you and your dog don’t have a seafood allergy) are also very high in glucosamine and are a great addition . If you use any of the meat from the bone broth make sure it contains no cooked bone .

Apple cider vinegar helps to extract the goodness from the bones and always sieve out all bones and left over ingredients so you get a clear liquid which should go like a jelly once cooled.

These are  what l added this time l do change it around please make sure you use dog and human safe ingredients.

Carrots ……are low in fat and protein but high in vit a beta carotene, they also have potassium ,calcium

, magnesium,phosphorus ,folate, Vitamin Dand vitamin K. They support cardiovascular health, they are anti inflammatory and antioxidant. Polyphenols reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels . They have fiber and protects eye site with carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Remember your mum or nan way back saying eating carrots make you see in the dark . Who knew they knew what they were talking about. They protect from efforts of aging and environmental damage. Improves dental health and cognitive decline, they help manage diabetes and reduces cancer risk . It’s also been said grated carrot on dog food helps with unwanted worms .

Green beans ….. are a rich source of vitamin A,C and K ,folic acid and fiber . They reduce the risk of obesity diabetes and heart disease.

They contain high amounts of chlorophyll this helps block the carcinogenic effect of grilling meats at high temperatures. That why they partner so well with grilled meats.

They help with depression and the vitamin k helps with bone health .

Cooking green beans can reduce the lectins in them which can bind up carbohydrates which can cause problems with digestion.They also contain physic acid , which can bond with minerals so people with a mineral deficiency shouldn’t eat too many green beans .

Broccoli…. Is a very good source of antioxidants and may reduce your inflammation. They improve blood sugar, boost immunity and promotes heart health, it especially helps eye health, heart health and disease prevention.

It’s high in vitamin C, vitamin K and iron, manganese, folate and potassium it’s also a great fiber. It contains sulforphane a compound studied to help protect against types of cancers. It also contains quercetin which is good for allergies and lowering blood pressure.

Try not to eat too much broccoli they contain goiltrogens that can impair thyroid function . Cooking can distroy goiltrongens  so it’s better to eat cooked than raw .

It also contains high vitamin k which can interfere with blood thinners.

Swede / rutabaga…. Is high in antioxidants like vitamin c and e . Has vitamin B6 this helps in the normal function of the nervous and immune systems.

It has folate aside which combined with the B6 helps combat tiredness . It also has vit c which helps protect  with cell damage and a healthy immune system .

They also have a high amount of glucosinolates . These reduce inflammation, and your risk to certain cancers inc prostrate and breast, and heart disease.they can an excellent source of fiber. This insolvable fiber regulates and firms stools helps a healthy gut bacteria and microbiome. Fiber helps decrease types of cancer, heart disease and type2 diabetes. It’s high in potassium which lowers risk of stroke, high blood pressure and heart disease.

Mushroom shiitake…. A hand full of shiitake mushrooms. A native to Japan and China. They are a medical machine with a chemical called lentinan which is a pholysaccaride. They are a popular mushroom the 2nd most popular in the world.  The compounds in mushrooms help protect for cell damage . It helps your immune system and boosts white blood cells . Pholysaccarides also help fight inflammation. They have natural copper a mineral that supports blood flow. They are high in selenium. They are excellent for the heart, reducing cholesterol levels.They have a good source of vitamins and minerals . They say it’s always better to cook mushrooms for vitamin, mineral absorption.

Ginger… ginger has been used in cooking and medince since antiquity.. it’s very good for digestion, relieves nausea and upset tummy, improves immunity and helps protect for cancers. It helps blood circulation, cholesterol levels and blood pressure . It has anti inflammatory properties . I don’t give my dog a lot of ginger, but he does like it as l do so we probably both need a little of it .

Try some bone broth ,but if you buy store brought make sure it has only ingredients your dog can eat and not too much added salt and preservatives. I would probably buy store for myself and dog made specifically for my dog. Nothing beats home made though .

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