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The importance of teeth with heart disease.

Updated: May 25

This is Barkley and his post dental swelling . He is a high end B1 mvd ( mitre valve disease) dog . This puts him in high risk of any kind of operation. It's a worry normally but if you have a dog with an issue it can be very scary. He had a fractured tooth that had the root grown on to the bone . They removed all they could but because of his heart. They didn't want him under too long. 6 months later on a check up it was infected and they had to re cut and removed a little bone .

The reason lm telling this story is because with the right knowledgeable doctors dentists .

This was a procedure that he is recovering from very well . I always make sure l stop any ginger, garlic and any foods that can thin the blood a little before hand . I like to use an immunity boost and have a liver kidney plan of natural supplements/ herbs after the operation to ease with all the medication toxins . Plus a very good probiotic. I find Fido's flora by adored beast works great with him . I use that for a couple of weeks and then a different one probably "wolf" . Amongst other supplements /herbs lm using arnica and PEA which both work amazingly with me and him . Talk to your vet. His heart and recovery has been great from the minute he came round . With a resting heart beat of 13-16 ,which is great .

Procedures are always a worry but sometimes it just has to be done . Research and get a good gut feeling about who you trust your pups with. Ask every question and be that annoying person who stands up for their dog. Ask about medications and side effects and options . If they are good they will appreciate that.

I raw feed and they said you can't while it's healing so rather than mess his stomach up any more ( 2 lots of antibiotics in a year) l just said ok. l will cook it and blend it and use a mineral powder.

It's working great plus he can't pick out the veg . The swelling will go down and he will be back to normal. Look after their teeth and your teeth.

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