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The mushroom that's above you

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Chaga.... if you ever watch those survival programs of people living in far out places in Northern Europe ,Siberia, Canada and Alaska. Sometimes you will see them knocking a large bit of fungus of a birch tree. That is chaga. An organic mushroom that has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years.

A dark surface clump with a bright orange inner. This can be used as a supplement mixed with other mushroom powders or as a tea. I actually like the taste of Chaga its not the most appetizing looking thing to drink though . I normally buy it as chucks like the image. You brew it and then put the chucks back in the fridge 3-4 bits of chaga can be use a few times. Some people brew a large chuck in a lot of water and keep the tea in the fringe for a few days. It is available as a tea bag too.

So why do people in cold places use Chaga to survive. It can be part of a healthy balance diet. It helps to reduce oxidative stress, lower bad cholesterol , heart disease, blood sugar, supports the immune function, preventing and slowing cancer as its rich in antioxidants which prevent damage.

It was traditionally used to treat digestion.

It also gives you energy and research is suggesting it makes you learn better. It has been studied on mice that they had longer physical endurance and tired less. The molecule called AMPK is shown to boost when taking Chaga. AMPK is a critical part of engery pathways in the body.

Oxidative stress is the body not producing enough antioxidants so the more we can consume the better.

The immune systems first line of defense is production of cytokines, proteins that stimulate white blood cells . Chaga may help regulate the production of cytokines and help the cells communicate with each other.

Illness like arthritis are link in inflammation, inflammation is linked to many illnesses even depression and Alzheimer's . Chaga by regulating cytokine production may also help fight inflammation. (notice how so far the things l've blogged about all the powers the earth gives us seam to help fight inflammation ) .

Chaga has natural adaptogen this is a compound that regulates the adrenals in a response to stimuli. This means it could lower stress and anxiety and balance hormones.

Chaga ia packed with benefits

Calcium , B vitamins, Vitamin D, Zinc,Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Fiber, Copper and Selenium

Anti cancer, antioxidants and inflammatory are what our dogs need living in todays world. As we do too.

Mushrooms are something that build over time so consuming them regularly is the best defense .If we can eat a type of mushroom dogs can too . If we can't then they can't either.

You can buy medical mushroom supplements of chaga or mixed with chaga for your dogs, you can give a diluted small about of the tea too.

Chaga due to beta-D- gluons has been shown to lower blood sugar levels so if you are on medication for that or suffer from low blood sugar its suggested not to have chaga. Or consult with a doctor/vet. It may also interact with blood thinners and is suggested to stop taking Chaga 2 weeks before any surgery . If you drink it in high doses for a long time it contains a chemical called oxalates which in some humans and dogs can cause kidney stones .

Chaga tea
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