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Thicker, better hair growth you might want to look at rosemary….

Now let's start with the negative, people with epilepsy and animals can have a sezuire brought on by rosemary oils. There is an extract carnosic acid which has been shown to cross the blood brain barrier. They are saying to eat a little rosemary in food is less likely to bring on a seizure but diffusing rosemary oil or using rosemary as an essential oil / extract has had known triggers for sezuire with animals and humans that have epilepsy.

So with rosemary always be careful.If slightly concerned when cooking with it just try a little first or and consult a doctor.

The positive is rosemary is a longevity herb, it helps inflammation, it's an anti oxidant keeping cells healthy and an inflammatory and anti bacterial .It also tastes great with many meals, meats, especially lamb , cheeses ,tomatoes,oven baked/ grilled potatoes and vegetables,stews salads and in drink. l even some mornings put in on my fruit.

My dog has epilepsy although now his thyroid is balanced his sezuires are very rare. I would still never have rosemary essential oils/ extract near him or my home , we both eat rosemary regularly .

If the oil is no problem to you or anyone near you . Aromatherapy rosemary has many benefits. When sniffing the oil it improves brain function with speed and cognitive functions.

Studies have shown it helps people with Alzheimer. Due to the hydro alcoholic extract on the rosemary leaf carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid is extracted , braking through the blood brain barrier and benefits the brain, when damaged ,brain edema,injuries ,neurological dysfunction and Alzheimer's test where on animal mostly rats and very promising.

What has all this got to do with hair . Rosemary oil tests on androgenetic alopecia. For 6 months half where using rosemary oil half minoxidil. Clients returned to the clinic every 3 months .No significant changes where seen on the rosemary or minoxidil groups , but at 6 months both groups had significantly more hair growth. Scalp itching , which can be a side effect was more frequent in the minoxidil group. Thanks to pub med and the National library of medicine .

Results are shown that rosemary oil is as effective as minoxidil (Rogaine) . Studies have also shown rosemary leaf extract is shown to simulate hair growth .

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