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Why do we need antioxidants, What are free radicals? Who wants to look younger.

Updated: May 25

Ageing they now say is all about how we live, what we eat, stress and exercise. We might not be able to stay young forever, maybe one day. For now we can help delay it, but how ?

It all starts with plants. Plants have Chlorophyll in there leaves, this transfer the energy from the sun into tiny building blocks of matter . This matter is called electrons. These electrons became high energy from the sun . You, me and our dogs and many other animals eat the plants or the animals that once ate the plants. In a form of carbohydrate, protein and fat. these power packed electrons are used for energy .

Once in the body this energy is released in a very controlled manner. The used up electrons pass to oxygen. Your body slowly releases the electrons to the waiting oxygen molecules. The body wants to give the oxygen molecules the electrons after the energy has been removed. The oxygen molecule wants the energy rich electron. Which is only safe to do once the energy has been removed. The body is a clever system but it's not perfect and sometimes these high energy electrons end up in the oxygen molecule.

This makes the oxygen molecule super charged it's called superoxide it's a free radical . That is exactly what it it free and radical, it becomes unstable , out of control and violently reacted.

These superoxide molecules can come into contact with your DNA . This causes damage to your genes and when not repaired can cause mutations in the chromosomes that cause cancer.

The body both yours and your dogs do have a defense . This defense is called antioxidants. Antioxidants are anti the gone crazy energy filled oxygen molecules. The job of the antioxidants is to remove the super charged electron away from the oxygen molecule.

The scientific phenomenon of the super charged electrons making high energy oxygen cells is called oxidants or oxidant stress. This process of cellular damage is what causes us and our dogs to age. Ageing, disease to the body, cancers ,brain and memory, damage to the organs. Those brown spots that people can get that people call old age spots are just oxidized fat under the skin.

We can slow this down and protect , slow down the Ageing by eating foods containing lots of antioxidants. . Which foods are the best ? There are loads, thousands of foods that contain antioxidants but you will find unhealthy foods, processed, high heat cooked foods contain much less. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and herbs are all powerful antioxidants. Green teas are very high. For example green tea from Japan has 1,347 mmol/100g where blueberries which are high have 1.92-3.96 and an apple with peel 0.50 without peel 0.08 . Meats, if animals are grass feed antioxidant levels are higher than not. Cooking foods will reduce the antioxidants some methods are better than others . Natural foods that last longer when exposed to the air, are a sign they are higher in antioxidants. If you cut an apple it goes brown quickly . If you cut a mango or pineapple that goes brown slower because those fruits have more protection from oxygen in the air .

It is when we get too many free radicals that problems occur more. We shouldn't over do the antioxidants in most things a balance is where we need to focus, also important. Not all free radicals are the same so different antioxidants protect against different cells.. Vitamin C and Vitamin E and other antioxidants we need so always eat a varied diet you can't replace one with another.

Supplements and synthetic antioxidants do not work anywhere near as good as the natural foods . They just waste money and put unnatural substances in your body unless prescribed by your doctor/vet

Dogs can also have a few blueberries, some decaffeinated green tea , fruits , seeds, nuts, herbs, vegetables research what is safe for your dogs to eat. They will get most of theirs from their meat , and the plants the animals once ate. That's if the meat is of good quality isn't too processed , highly heat cooked and then synthetic vitamins , supplements are added.

Today we have better knowledge. We also have a wide range of worse dietary choices. Be mindful what you eat and your pets eat and add a little of what nature gave us to help our bodies live healthier and longer.

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