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Why does hair cost so much in some places

Now theres a question that gets asked a lot. Rents and expenses aside. You pay for experience, knowledge and creativity. You also pay for product and time. When you get a proper hair cut that stylist knows how and where to leave weight in the hair, whether it needs texturing, how to blend, how to do a full consultation both looking at the natural hair fall, the texture, volume, condition, your face shape and your style . If you will be able to manage it, what products you should use and tips on how to make it look its best. A good stylist will work with your hair, the movement of your hair making the cut work as they work through it , constantly moving the hair in place to see if it takes on the desired look. They listen and let you know all through the cut what is happening and what they suggest doing. You in fact pay for a stylists time, product and knowledge. Once your in their seat you have their undivided attention. They have time to cross check all cuts making sure they are perfect. When a style is cut with time and a stylists has knowledge not only will you be able to work and style the hair easily at home but your find it will last a lot longer. Being a hair stylist is and should always be a craft if you find a stylist who believes in themselves and their worth you have a very good stylist.

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