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Yoga and Hair

Last time l spoke about hair and the importance of exercise. I want to look into other things we can do to help grow the hair and make it more healthy, grow more healthy, with strength and natural gloss.

I personally don't do yoga but it is something I am looking into. Im more of a sit on a bike and ride as fast as you can kind of exercise. Although I do meditate and do Thai chi . Yoga interests me greatly . Yoga has amazing benefits on the hair and scalp health . As well as the body and mind. Hair suffers from internal and external factors. From a bad diet, not enough water. Heat tools without protectors on the hair. Age, gut problems, diseases , hormone in balances and disorders, drugs, smoking, and stress to name a few .

 There are some basic yoga asanas, pranayamus and hand gestures that can enhance blood circulation and nutrition to the scalp. They improve digestion as well as reduce anxiety and stress. A conditioning treatment, oils, masks, hair botox and may other natural or non natural products can help weak, damaged, thin or keep healthy hair maintained or repair or appear to be healthy depending on what you use.. Im looking at what helps you grow new hair and stronger hair.

The natural movement and forms in yoga have an added improved oxygen level to the cells in the scalp. Which supplies nutrients and new hair growth. With the right amount of practice these yoga and pranayama breathing techniques can promote hair growth sometime even new hair growth.

Yoga asanas and pranayama stimulate the blood and oxygen to the scale and hair follicle .

Forward bending yoga increases blood oxygen to the face and scalp where the nerves are stimulated. Yoga is well known to reduce stress and anxiety which not only helps the gut and helps stop leaky gut and inflammation . So you have better sleep, more activity levels, more movement less tiredness. This all together helps . The food and phypheoids help growth but with less stress you get less cortisol. Cortisol stops the functions detrimental in a fight or flight situation. It changes the immune system responses and suppresses the digestive situation . Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, it increases sugars into the bloodstream, enhances the brains use of glucose and reduces the availability of substances to repair tissues. Yoga can reduce cortisol in the body so less inflammation and more blood oxygen pumping through you . Stress is one of the main reasons for hair loss . Sarvangasana helps to regulate the function of the thyroid gland that also helps in the role of hair growth.

When more oxygen is received in the brain this promotes the function of the nervous system which removes toxins from the body. Breathing yoga exercises are very helpful in this .

Yoga is really worth looking into for many many health reasons and great hair.

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