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Your gut and your hair

Your gut, It is influenced by Genes by diet and by the environment. These 3 things can trigger autoimmune, inflammatory and neoplastic disorders.

Gluten is one of the substances that can effect the gut from working properly. lf you have an intolerance . Gluten is from wheat, rye and barley and other grains that have been cross contaminated with gluten. Gluten has a scale of intolerance the start being sensitivity - pre celiac - celiac disease. You can also develop an intolerance over time.

The Gluten effect on children can delay speech , failure to thrive, growth, short stature . It can delay puberty and cause dental enamel abnormalities. It can cause irritability and behavioral changes, plus concentration problems.

The effects of Gluten on an adult can cause depression, bone joint pain, infertility, skin rashes, edema, migraine, canker sores, chronic fatigue, inflammation, myalgias, easy bruising, GI distress and hair loss alopecia Areata .

Hair loss and gluten

Some people's intolerance to gluten is mild. Some peoples is much more serious the gluten can cause an immune response and damage the small intestine. Some people don't even know they have a gulten intolerence untill they start to lose hair. In some cases this is the only symptom and the disease goes unnoticed. There is no known cure for Celiac disease or Alopecia Areata, however the best treatment is removing gluten from the diet . This means no wheat rye barley. You can still eat vegetables, fruits, rice, meats and fish. Take probiotics to help your gut health. homemade sauerkraut is ideal for this and very easy to make . avoid premade foods they often have hidden gluten.. With a diet of vigilance, with celiac disease this is lifelong but the small intensine can start to heal within weeks making you feel alot better and eventually with time your hair could start to grow back .

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